Architecture Forum Agenda - Amsterdam 2014

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Overview of Next Version of TOGAF

May 12, 2014 Monday 1400-1530

Leader: Dave Hornford

  • Review of next version of TOGAF genesis, goals & strategy
  • Review of next version of TOGAF structure of the standard
  • Reivew of next version of TOGAF project
  • Reminder on how to engage & participate
  • Review of the next version of TOGAF activity at the conference


Next Version of TOGAF Leader's Guide Work Stream

May 13, 2014 Tuesday 1130-1300

Leader: Dave Hornford

  • Update on TOGAF 9.1 findings relative to State of the Art
  • Identification of current starting-point work
  • Proposed scope
  • Proposed outline of contents & direction
  • Proposed work plan for completion


TOGAF Framework and ArchiMate Harmonization Project

May 13, 2014 Tuesday 1130-1330

Leader: Bill Estrem

Agenda: TBA


EA Capability Improvement Project

May 13, 2014 Tuesday 1400-1630

Leader: Paul Homan

  • Introductions & Welcome
  • Review of work produced/provided in last Quarter (including EA Capability Map and Value Chain Model)
  • Input to/from EACI conference workshop session (End User needs & interventions discussion)
  • Development of a Plan of Action for way forward around Capability Map & Value Chain
  • Summary of Action Points, Review & Close


Technology Work Stream 

May 13, 2014 Tuesday 1400-1630 (Break 1500-1600)

Leader: Judith Jones

  • Technology Scenarios
  • Indepth ADM Steps and associated guidance
  • Technology Content Meta-model and sub domain areas


Information Data Architecture Work Stream/Knowledge Architecture Project

May 13, 2014 Tuesday 1400-1630

Leader: Robert Weisman

  • Review of Last Meeting Minutes - 1400-1415 hrs
  • Review of comments on Part 2 Draft - Information/Data Stream - 1415-1530 hrs
  • Scope of Work for Knowledge Architecture Project - 1530-1615 hrs
    • What is too advanced for inclusion into the next version of TOGAF
    • How to engage adademic community; refereed series of Wite Papers?
    • Any IP contributions for Open Group Members
    • Deliverables for Knowledge Architecture Project
    • Meeting Schedule
  • Boston Way Ahead and New Business - 1615-1630 hrs


Localization Standing Committee

May 14, 2014 Wednesday 0800-0845

Leader: Serge Thorn

  • Introductions
  • Status review of TOGAF Translations initiatives by language:
    • Chinese (simplified)
    • Chinese traditional
    • Czech
    • Danish
    • Dutch
    • French
    • German
    • Hungarian
    • Italian
    • Japanese
    • Polish
    • Brazilian Portuguese
    • Russian
    • Slovak
    • Latin Spanish
    • Castilian Spanish
    • Croatian
    • Norwegian
    • Swedish
    • Turkish
    • Vietnamese
  • Status review of ArchiMate® Translation initiatives by language
  • Matters to put to the Forum
  • Other Business


Options for Next version of TOGAF

May 14, 2014 Wednesday 0900-1230

Leader: Dave Hornford

  • Review of TOGAF ecosystem
  • Review of goals of next version of TOGAF
  • Facilitated conversation regarding publication of next version of TOGAF
    • TOGAF as a Standard
    • Next version of TOGAF as a basis for People Certification
    • Next version of TOGAF as a bases for Tools Certification
    • TOGAF's role in ecosystem economy
  • Next steps & action items
  • Report for Forum


Foundations (Part One) Workshop

May 14, 2014 Wednesday 1400-1530 & 1600-1730

Leader: Kirk Hansen

  • Introduction
  • Roadmap
  • Terms & Concepts
  • Domains and Crosscuts
  • 42010 Alignment
  • Architecture Capability Metamodel
  • Building Blocks and modeling
  • Common Activities
  • Part 1/2 alingment, useing security as an example


Architecture Forum General Member Meeting 

May 15, 2014 Thursday 0900-1230

Chair:  Peter Haviland

  • Agenda Overview
  • Welcome: new members & Introductions
  • Capability Based Planning - statement of intent to increase awareness of project and solicit involvement
  • Discussion about modeling business capabilities and services - intent TBD
  • TOGAF Project discussion to find ways to align and speed up project --- Deferred to TOGAF Project workgroup
  • TOGAF Project discussion to identify more practical and business orientedways to deliver TOGAF --Deferred to TOGAF Project workgroup

Break (30 Mins)

  • Discussion on how EA can show measurable value to the enterprise
  • Discussion about EA beyond TOGAF - intent to solicit feedback and provide call to action for interested parties to get together and progress various related items
  • Reminder: Architecture Forum Governance and Reporting Meeting: June 5, 2014 WebEx with a follow on WebEx meeting June 12, 2014
    • Project Quarterly reports are due May 23, 2014
    • Each Active project will be present status of accomplishments, status, goals that will be achieved by July 2014 (next Open Group Conference)
  • Review actions and consent items
  • Close of meeting


Architecture Forum & Security Forum Session 

( Enterprise Risk Mgmt, Cross Cutting Domains, Security, & ADM )

May 15, 2014 Thursday 1400-1700

Leader: Kevin Sevigny & Geoff Besko

  • Introductions and Expected outcome for meeting (5mins) - Kevin
  • Dicussion of how TNSP work integrates into the next version of TOGAF (45mins) - Pascal
    • Outcomes:

      • Consensus or Path to Consensus on the landing ground for this work in the next version of TOGAF

        • Is it a collection of anchorpoints? What does the security landing ground look like in the Part 1 smooth draft? Is that the way to go?
  • Cross Cutting Domains - a review using Security as an example (45mins)-Kirk Hansen
    • Outcomes:

      • Common definition for cross cutting domain - using Security as an exmaple
  • Break (15mins)
  • Risk Management Review - John Sherwood
    • Outcomes:

      • Common definition and understanding of risk management vs information risk management vs architecture project risk management vs etc...
  • Next Steps (10mins)