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About the ArchiMate 2.1 Annual Commercial License

About the ArchiMate 2.1 Annual Commercial License

If you wish to use ArchiMate 2.1 for commercial purposes, then your organization must have a current ArchiMate 2.1 Annual Commercial License. This applies to both members and non-members of The Open Group ArchiMate Forum.

Commercial purposes include, by way of example, developing an IT architecture for use within  an organization other than your primary employer, a commercial tool using the ArchiMate modeling language, or providing ArchiMate based consultancy or training services.

You will also need a ArchiMate Annual Commercial License if you wish to submit an application to certify a product or service to any of the ArchiMate Product Standards. See the ArchiMate Certification web site for details.

The Commercial License covers all full-time employees of the the licensing organization, and permits the ArchiMate documentation be distributed freely within the organization, without each employee having to have to have their own personal license.

The annual license fee depends on the size of the licensing organization (in terms of turnover), as explained in the ArchiMate 2.1 Commercial License Agreement.

If your organization is currently a member of The Open Group ArchiMate Forum, then it is entitled to a ArchiMate 2.1 Commercial License at no additional cost (and indeed may already have one), subject to completion and submission of the license application, as explained below.

  • Note: If you wish to evaluate ArchiMate 2.1 for commercial use, you can do so under a free, personal Evaluation License (for non-members) or Member License (for members). Neither of these licenses permits ArchiMate 2.1 to be used commercially.
  • Applying for a ArchiMate 2.1 Annual Commercial License

    1. Right-click the following link to the ArchiMate 2.1 Commercial License Agreement.
    2. Print out the License Agreement, and review the licensing conditions.
    3. Identify an appropriate authority to sign the license on behalf of the organization, and secure his/her signature on the Commercial License.
    4. Provide the additional information requested for a primary contact.
    5. Fax the signed license to the number shown at the foot of the license: +44 870-134-8146, or email to legal(@)
      • If your organization is not already a member of The Open Group ArchiMate Forum, in which the ArchiMate framework is evolved, then you may take out a free annual membership as part of the same transaction:
        1. Locate The Open Group Membership Application Form, which is linked-to from the Commercial License Agreement.
        2. Print out and complete the Membership Application Form. (Under section 1, enter "ArchiMate Forum"; and under section 2, enter "Complimentary - Commercial License".)
        3. Fax the form together with the Commercial License Agreement, as described above.
    6. The Open Group Chief Legal Officer will then sign on behalf of The Open Group, and return a copy to you for your records.

    Contact us if you have any queries.





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