Rajesh Radhakrishnan - jpeg to follow Christopher Blake is a leading exponent of the principles-based architectural approach to delivering business change.

Current role is as managing consultant with QA's Technical Architecture Consulting Division. He has led major projects and developed service offerings in Architecture , Outsourcing and Governance for organisations in a number of market sectors i.e: financial services, industrial gases, utilities and health.

An active member of the Open Group Architecture Forum involved in the development of The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) into an Enterprise Architecture Framework TOGAF 8 He spoke at the Open Group 2002 Boston Conference - ' Boundaryless Information Flow' where he delivered a well-received presentation on 'Value Based Enterprise Architecture'. He has also participated in workshops on architecture governance, architect certification, security architectures and architecture integration. The outputs of these will be included in later versions of TOGAF.

Christopher has also founded and run two successful consultancies and played a major part in the development of the architecture practice for Digital Equipment Company (DEC). Previously he held consultancy, project management and IS development and strategy positions in major IT based companies including Logica and ATT Istel, totalling 25 years professional experience in the management and technology consultancy.

Christopher Blake

QA plc