Phil Brennan is Technology Strategy Manager for Thames Valley Police, with the particular brief to improve the alignment of the business management and I.T. functions. He has worked in the police service for twelve years. He co-authored the current I.T. Strategy for the force, and has been responsible for introducing a wide range of information services supporting operational policing, from crime analysis systems to call handling and despatching centres.

Phil started in I.T. when architecture still meant buildings, and has worked in a variety of roles from software developer to programme manager. He has worked in a number of different industries, including civil engineering and retail, and in the central government and public sectors.

He has had a career-long dedication to the principles of process improvement, and a methods- and standards-based approach to I.T. This has led to his current efforts to promote Enterprise Architecture within the organisation.

Phil Brennan

Technology Strategy Manager, Thames Valley Police, UK