Chris Greenslade entered the data processing profession in 1964 and worked for many years as a consultant, system designer and project manager on a variety projects. During that period, he lived and worked in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and the UK. He specialized in the design and development of generalized communication networks and in the study of corporate strategies for integrated communications. In 1983, with the formation of his own company he expanded his range to include training services. Since then he has been managing his own independent consultancy and training operation. He rapidly gained a reputation for giving high quality training sessions in which complex matters are explained in clear and simple terms.

Recently Chris acted as The Open Group's Professional Services Manager in Europe, the Middle East, Africa. In that position he was responsible for support services based on DCE and for the introduction of services based on The Open Group's Architectural Framework (TOGAF). When The Open Group decided to withdraw from providing Professional Services, Chris took that line of business back into his own company, which is now a provider of TOGAF 7 Professional Services certified by The Open Group.

Chris currently Chairs The Open Group's Architecture Forum, which is responsible for the continued development of TOGAF.

Chris Greenslade

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