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The Open Group Architecture Forum Meetings Newport Beach, CA, USA

Please note that these meetings are Members Only unless explicitly noted. A number of open sessions on related topics are highlighted to Architecture Forum members.

Project meeting/Standing Committee Meeting Planner

Please signup to the Wiki if you plan to attend:


The TOGAF® next version Project meeting - full day session


14:00-17:30 The TOGAF next version Project meeting


14:00-17:30 The TOGAF next version Project meeting

14:00-17:30 EA Capability Improvement Project meeting


08:15-09:00 Localization Standing Committee Meeting

11:00-12:30 TOGAF Standard and ArchiMate Language Harmonization Project Meeting (Architecture and ArchiMate Forum members)

14:00-17:30 The TOGAF next version Project meeting - Link-up & working session with Security Forum and Real-time & Embedded Systems Forum

14:00-15:30 TOGAF Value Realization Project meeting

16:00-17:30 Certification Standing Committee Meeting


08:00-16:30 Architecture Forum Meeting (see below)

There are no meetings on Friday

The Architecture Forum Meeting Thursday

Meeting Materials (all presenters to upload to this area prior to the meeting)


0800 -- 0805 Agenda

0805 -- 0810 Welcome, new members & introduction

0810 -- 0820 Actioning Forum Strategy: Update

This should include the Roadmap across all work streams and all forum activities ( arising from Action Item 2012-10-08:Working Group chairs, Forum Chair, Forum Director)

0820 -- 0850 Forum Strategy Review

Report back on Action Item 2012-10-11: Thomas Obitz, Paul Homan, Mike Lambert to deliver a review of the current forum activities against the forum strategy in the next meeting in Newport Beach

0850 -- 0930 WG/SC Governance Review

  • WG/ SC Reports with Scorecard Status

    Scorecard file

    • Quarterly Reports:
    • Do any fail the Governance & Activity Tests?

    • Do any fail direction tests?

    • Do we continue/ ask for correction or discontinue?

0930 -- 1030 The TOGAF Framework and ArchiMate Modeling language Harmonization Project status

  • Approved Charter
  • Discussion - top 5 areas for cooperation, action items for next steps

1030 -- 1100 Break

1100 -- 1230 The TOGAF next version project report

  • Progress review
  • Core decision ratification- review of consent list

  • Direction ratification -Roadmap

  • Working with others - Security Forum, SOA WG, SABSA Institute, Cloud WG, ArchiMate Forum

This should also include an update of the ecosystem chart relative to the current planned timeline for next version of the TOGAF standard and to present that at Newport Beach. (Report back on Action Item 2012-10-07: Mike Lambert)

1230 -- 1400 Lunch

1400 -- 1500 Standing Committee and Project report backs from the week

  • CSC
  • LSC
  • Planning for Sydney - which projects/standing committees plan to meet in Sydney?

1500 --1530 Security Forum Coordination

Security Forum is taking the lead on Security/ Risk in the next version of the TOGAF standard

  • progress & direction

  • how to engage with the Security Forum's activity

1530 -- 1600 Break

1600 -- 1630 Action Item Review, Consent item review. Close

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