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The Open Group Architecture Forum Meeting Sydney, Australia

The Architecture Forum Meeting Wednesday 2pm


1400 -- 1405 Agenda

1405 -- 1410 Welcome, and round table introduction

1410 -- 1420 An Introduction to the Architecture Forum

This includes an update on the Forum Strategy and the high level Roadmap of Forum activities (standing committees/ projects).

1420-1430 TOGAF® 9 Certification Status Report

1430 -- 1515 Standing Committee & Project Briefings

  • Certification Standing Committee
  • Localization Standing Committee

Project Briefings

  • TOGAF 9 Maintenance project
  • The TOGAF next version Project
  • EA Capability Improvement Project
  • Information Architecture Project
  • Interoperability Project
  • The TOGAF Framework and ArchiMate® Modeling Language Harmonization project.

1515-1525 Questions and Answers + discussion

1525 Wrap up

How to engage with the Architecture Forum.

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