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TOGAF 7 Certification FAQ


What is "TOGAF 7 Certification" About?

The Open Group has introduced a certification program for TOGAF 7 - its industry standard architecture framework and method.

Customers who wish to base their IT architecture work on the open, industry standard TOGAF 7 method can now procure tools, training, and the services of consultants (individuals and integrators) on the basis of certified conformance with TOGAF 7 standards.

Why is This Important?

IT Architecture is acquiring increasing recognition as a necessary discipline for ensuring that the design and implementation of enterprise-wide IT properly addresses and supports the needs of the business. TOGAF 7 is an open, industry standard framework and method for IT Architecture, developed and continuously evolved since the mid-90's by representatives of some of the world's leading IT customer and vendor organizations.

The introduction of a certification program for TOGAF 7 enables large organizations (both private and public sector) to standardize on this open method for IT Architecture, and so avoid lock-in to the proprietary methods of major consultancies.

It is an important step in making IT Architecture a well-recognized discipline, and in introducing rigor into the procurement of tools and services for IT Architecture.

Why Become Certified?

The TOGAF 7 certification program licenses the use of the term "TOGAF 7" together with The Open Group Certification Mark in association with Certified Offerings. This provides the necessary legal framework to maintain the value of TOGAF 7 to enterprise customers. The value to licensees is the ability to use the term "TOGAF 7" together with The Open Group Certification Mark in association with products and/or services that support the TOGAF 7 framework and its Architecture Development Method.

In addition, The Open Group publishes and publicizes the definitive register of TOGAF 7 certified offerings, and issues certificates that can be used by the vendor in promotion.

What Does this Mean for IT Users?

The value to customers is the knowledge that the vendor has made a legally binding warranty of conformance with the Product Standards referenced in the Certification Program - a warranty that requires compliance not only at the time of registration, but throughout the lifetime of the product or service offering, for as long as it remains registered.

Customers can therefore procure TOGAF 7 based product and service offerings safe in the knowledge that the vendors concerned have taken a professional and commercially responsible approach to the supply of these offerings to the market; and furthermore, have completed a detailed Statement of Conformance, which the procurer can access freely and compare with those of other certified vendors, if they wish.

How does This Tie in with the Objectives of The Open Group?

IT Architecture is regarded by The Open Group as a key discipline for organizations to use in realizing the Boundaryless Information Flow vision, the enablement of which is The Open Group's mission.

What is "Interim Conformance" for TOGAF 7 Certified?

There are cross-dependencies between the regular TOGAF 7 Certified class of certification and the TOGAF7 Training certification, in that TOGAF 7 Certified requires successful participation in a certifed training course, while the certification of a training course requires the instructor to be TOGAF 7 Certified.

Once the TOGAF7 Certification program is fully operational, these cross-dependencies pose no problem, but in the initial start-up phase of the program, these relationships are obviously mutually incompatible: no instructor can become TOGAF 7 Certified because there are no certified courses (yet); and no course can become certified, because there are no TOGAF 7 Certified instructors to present it.

To avoid this deadlock situation, and to enable the TOGAF7 Certification program to become fully operational, The Open Group has defined a set of "Interim Conformance" requirements for the TOGAF 7 Certified class of certification, which attempts to simulate, as best we can, the conditions of the regular TOGAF 7 Certified class of certification, in the absence of any certified courses. Broadly speaking, these requirements consist of a set options:

  • Prior participation in a TOGAF training course that we believe would have obtained TOGAF7 Training certification, had it been avaialble at the time;
  • Prior presentation of such a TOGAF training course;
  • Significant prior experience of using TOGAF, backed up by references or a detailed case study (if references would be commercially sensitive)

These "Interim Conformance" requirements for the TOGAF 7 Certified class of certification are valid only for the first 3 months of operation of the program following the formal launch of the program on 5th February. Consequently, ....

The "Interim Conformance" requirements for TOGAF 7 Certified will cease to be valid after 5th May, 2003.

So What's the Bottom Line?

With certification, TOGAF 7 is now more than ever the logical choice as the basis for an organization's IT Architecture work.

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