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About TOGAF 7 Certification

Value to Licensees
Value to Customers
Certification Fees
TOGAF 7 Product Standards
How to Apply for TOGAF 7 Certification
TOGAF 7 Certification Terms and Conditions
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Certification from The Open Group provides customers with assurance that products and services conform to open standards. This assurance enables market growth, and benefits customers and vendors alike.

In the Architecture field, The Open Group has defined a number of certification programs in support of The Open Group Architecture Framework Version 7 (TOGAF 7).

In order to protect the value of TOGAF by ensuring its consistent application and usage, The Open Group has introduced certification programs for the following offerings:

TOGAF7toolsupportSM.gif (1597 bytes) Architecture tools which support TOGAF 7, to ensure that the meaning of a claim of conformance with TOGAF 7 is clear and that the TOGAF 7 ADM is supported consistently in different architecture tools.
TOGAF7toolsupportSM.gif (1597 bytes) Training courses which instruct in TOGAF 7, to ensure that the course syllabus includes coverage of the necessary elements of TOGAF 7 and its ADM.
TOGAF7toolsupportSM.gif (1597 bytes) Architects trained in the use of TOGAF 7, to ensure that a common core of knowledge and understanding is transmitted in such courses, and that professional services offered in support of TOGAF 7 are delivered by architects who have completed the necessary training course and have up to date knowledge about TOGAF 7.
TOGAF7toolsupportSM.gif (1597 bytes) Professional services offered in support of TOGAF 7, to ensure that organizations that offer such services abide by an approved code of practice, and use only properly trained architects for such services.

The Value to Licensees

The TOGAF certification program licenses the use of the term "TOGAF 7" together with The Open Group Certification Mark in association with Certified Offerings. This provides the necessary legal framework to maintain the value of TOGAF to enterprise customers.

The value of certification to potential licensees is thus the ability to use the term "TOGAF 7" in association with products and/or services that support the TOGAF 7 framework and its Architecture Development Method.

In addition, The Open Group:

  • publishes and publicises the definitive register of TOGAF 7 certified offerings
  • issues certificates that can be used by the vendor in promotion.

The Value to Customers

The value of this certification program to the customers of potential licensees is the knowledge that the vendor has made a legally binding warranty of conformance with the Product Standards referenced in the Certification Program - a warranty that requires compliance not only at the time of registration, but throughout the lifetime of the product or service offering, for as long as it remains registered.

Customers can therefore procure such product and service offerings safe in the knowledge that the vendors of such offerings have taken a professional and commercially responsible approach to the supply of these offerings to the market, and have completed a detailed Statement of Conformance, which the procurer can access freely and compare with those of other certified vendors if they so wish.

The Costs - Fee Schedule

The fees for certification depend on the class of certification: see the  TOGAF 7 Certification Fee Schedule.

The TOGAF 7 Product Standards

The precise definition of what an applicant must do to qualify for certification is contained in the relevant Product Standard. There are four Product Standards, corresponding to the four classes of TOGAF 7 certification:

  • X02TA Architecture: TOGAF 7 Certified [HTML, PDF]
  • X02TB Architecture: TOGAF 7 Tool Support [HTML, PDF]
  • X02TC Architecture: TOGAF 7 Professional Services [HTML, PDF]
  • X02TD Architecture: TOGAF 7 Training [HTML, PDF]

The following documents are referenced from the Product Standards:

  • I913 TOGAF Documentation: TOGAF 7 Professional Services Code of Practice [HTML]
  • I914 TOGAF Documentation: TOGAF 7 Core Definition [HTML]

The TOGAF 7 CSQs - How to Apply for TOGAF 7 Certification

  1. Be sure you have read and understood the TOGAF 7 Certification Terms and Conditions.
  2. Be sure you have read and understood the relevant Product Standards (see list above), and the documentation referenced from them.
  3. Be sure you understand the costs involved, if any.
    1. To apply for certification against the first Product Standard listed above (TOGAF 7 Certified), a certification fee is required: see the TOGAF 7 Certification Fee Schedule
    2. To apply for certification against any of the last three Product Standards listed above (TOGAF 7 Tool Support, TOGAF 7 Professional Services, TOGAF 7 Training), your organization must have an Annual Commercial License for TOGAF Version 7.  There is no further certification fee.
      • The Annual Commercial License can be obtained free of charge by members of the Open Group Architecture Forum.
      • Non-members of the Architecture Forum must apply for an Annual Commercial License for TOGAF Version 7. The fee depends on the size and type of organization. The Annual Commercial License entitles you to free annual membership of the Architecture Forum.
  4. Complete the relevant Conformance Statement Questionnaire (CSQ), by saving it from the relevant link below and editing it with an HTML editor (or simple text editor):
  5. Complete the TOGAF 7 Certification Application Form (including the payment information), by saving it from the hyperlink and editing it.
  6. If payment is due, and you wish to pay by credit card, check the Guidelines for Paying by Credit Card.
  7. Email both the completed CSQ and the completed Application Form to the Open Group Conformance Administrator.

Further Information

For further information, see the TOGAF 7 Certification FAQ, and/or contact John Spencer.


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