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White Papers

About the TOGAF White Papers

The TOGAF White Papers comprise a body of knowledge about TOGAF contributed both by members and non-members of The Open Group Architecture Forum, for the benefit of TOGAF users world-wide.

They do not form part of the TOGAF documentation set, and in particular they are not approved by The Open Group formal adoption processes and do not represent the formal consensus of The Open Group Architecture Forum.

For that reason they are made available from this informational web site, separate from the main TOGAF documentation. They are not linked-to from the TOGAF documentation, and they are not included in the TOGAF downloads available elsewhere from this web site.

However, White Papers do go through a review process to determine their relevance, usefulness, and suitability for publication as a TOGAF White Paper. (See Approval Mechanism below for details.)

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Submitting White Papers

If you are interested in submitting a TOGAF White Paper for inclusion on this site, please contact the the Architecture Forum documentation team. You can download a template from here.


White Papers are made available in HTML and/or PDF format. Other proprietary formats (e.g., MS-Word) are accepted in addition to, but not in place of, one of the above.


Papers submitted for publication are reviewed by the active membership of The Open Group Architecture Forum and The Open Group corporate staff. Reasons for non-approval include:

  • Irrelevance to TOGAF
  • Unacceptable conditions / encumbrances (restrictions on the use and reproduction of the material in the paper)
  • Unacceptable format (HTML or PDF required)
  • Legally unacceptable content (potentially defamatory statements, etc.)
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Use of White Papers

Unless otherwise noted within the White Paper, TOGAF White Papers may be used and reproduced freely, provided the copyright of the originator, and their source as a TOGAF White Paper, are acknowledged.

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List of Papers

For the full list see The Open Group Publications Catalog.



Useful Links
  The following links are provided for assistance
TOGAF website (for the pdf version and online html of TOGAF 8.1.1).
Architecture Forum members area (members only).



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