Minutes of January 2005 Meeting

Minutes of the 9th Plenary Meeting of the Austin Group
11-13 January, 2005
Reading, UK, Hosted by The Open Group.

Andrew JoseyThe Open GroupChair
Nick StoughtonUsenixSC 22 OR, Secretary
Don CragunSun MicrosystemsIEEE OR
Keld SimonsenDKUUG (teleconference, part)
Larry DwyerHP (teleconference, full)
Mark BrownIBM (teleconference, full)The Open Group OR
Mats WichmannIntel
Cathy FoxThe Open Group (part)
Geoff ClareThe Open Group
Joanna FarleySun Microsystems
Stephe WalliUSENIX
Joe GwinnRaytheon,SSWG-RT WG
Stuart AndersonFree Standards Group (teleconference, part)

Andrew Josey called the ninth meeting (a.k.a. Austin/M10, since this counting includes a teleconference) of the Austin Group to order at 9:03 am Tuesday January 11th at The Open Group's office in Reading, Berkshire.

Meeting Goals

The goal of this meeting is to

  1. Coffee and Cakes
  2. Administrivia
  3. Procedures Update

    No updates.

  4. Identification of Organizational Reps

    see attendance list above. WG 15 has been disbanded, but the representation from ISO/IEC continues, direct from SC 22, with Nick Stoughton as the Organizational Representative (Keld Simonsen is the alternate). Currently, the representative is the "interim" rep, until a recommendation is received from the newly formed POSIX Advisory Group for a permanent rep. The PAG met yesterday, and recommended that the two interim reps be made permanent. This recommendation has yet to be acted on by SC 22.

  5. Status Reports
  6. Old business
    Utility Syntax Guidelines

    Long running discussion on e-mail list on this subject. A number of utilities that had "obsolescent" alternative syntaxes had those alternates removed during the revision. This is summarized in austin-group-l message 7269.
    ACTION AI-2005-01-07: AJ to update AI-027 notes to the Editor and recirculate.
    Going through this list utility by utility:

    Work on USG related aardvark: XBD ERN 21, 22. XRAT ERN 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. All closed.
    ACTION AI-2005-01-08: AJ update the aardvark reports.

    Memory Synchronization

    There were not sufficient experts in the meeting to progress this issue. Nick Stoughton reported that ISO JTC 1/SC 22/WG 21 (C++) are considering developing new interfaces in the C++ language "because the POSIX model is broken". We should encourage all experts in this area to be prepared to discuss these issues (both the aardvark and possibly the WG21 proposal) at the next conference call.

  7. New business

  8. Consent List - Updated

  9. Issues List - no updates

  10. Action Item Review

    1. ACTION AI-2005-01-01: Don Cragun to present paper on pathname resolution. OPEN.
    2. ACTION AI-2005-01-02: Larry Dwyer to present proposal on system() and threads. OPEN.
    3. ACTION AI-2005-01-03: Joerg Schilling to address issues in XCU ERN 1 (pax) OPEN.
    4. ACTION AI-2005-01-04: AJ to prepare a slide showing the timeline of the POSIX standards based on one within Austin/235
    5. ACTION AI-2005-01-05: AJ to prepare draft document on impact of C99 TC2 on POSIX.
    6. ACTION AI-2005-01-06: AJ to contact Jack McCann at HP for views on getnameinfo document, and for any other networking issues that may concern us.
    7. ACTION AI-2005-01-07: AJ to update AI-027 notes to the Editor and recirculate.
    8. ACTION AI-2005-01-08: AJ update the aardvark reports.
    9. ACTION AI-2005-01-09 Andrew Josey & Mats Wichmann to propose a time and place for a joint Austin group/LSB Workgroup meeting to consider LSB/POSIX conflicts, to be held as soon as conveniently possible.
    10. ACTION AI-2005-01-10 AJ to find 1988 wording related to fflush() and fclose() here and update the proposed words, and recirculate AI002.
    11. ACTION AI-2005-01-11 All to review WG14 Security TR (N1093.pdf) and report to austin-group-l by 2005-03-01.
    12. ACTION AI-2005-01-12 Larry Dwyer and Nick Stoughton to further investigate ACLs and propose next steps.
  11. Draft & Meeting Schedule

    The next teleconference is January 27 at the regular timeslot. We do not expect the next face to face meeting until January 2006, but will review this periodically.

  12. AOB
    1. All members of the Austin Group were saddened to hear of the death of Finnbarr Murphy's son, and send heartfelt condolences to him and his family at this time.
    2. All members of the Austin Group wish to thank The Open Group for hosting this meeting and taking care of our needs so dutifully.

    The meeting adjourned at 3.16pm Thursday.

    If you have comments or additions relating to the correctness of the Minutes please send them to The Austin Group Chair. If your comments relate to decisions regarding the disposition of the aardvark please refer first to the Aardvark reports, and then if you still have a comment please send it to the main reflectors so that all can see the issue.