Minutes of February 2006 Meeting

Minutes of the 10th Plenary Meeting of the Austin Group
21-24 February 2006, Standards Council of Canada, Ottawa, ON.

Andrew JoseyThe Open GroupChair
Nick StoughtonUsenixSC 22 OR, Secretary
Don CragunSun MicrosystemsIEEE OR
Doug LockeLocke Consulting/US Navy (1 day)
Larry DwyerHP (teleconference, full)The Open Group alternate
Mark BrownIBM (3 days)The Open Group OR
Peter Van der VeenQNX (part)
Glen SeedsCognos
Joanna FarleyCitrix (teleconference)
Dave AnglinNational Research Council of Canada (2 days)
Ulrich DrepperRed Hat
Steve MichellMaurya Software(part)
Keld SimonsenDKUUG/Standards Norway (teleconference, part)SC 22 Alternate
Mats WichmannIntel/LSB Workgroup (teleconference, part)
Spencer ChengSelf (part)

Andrew Josey called the tenth meeting (a.k.a. Austin/M11, since this counting includes a teleconference) of the Austin Group to order at 9:07 am Tuesday, February 20th at The Standards Council of Canada, Ottawa, ON.

Meeting Goals

The goal of this meeting is to

  1. Administrivia
  2. Procedures Update

    No updates.

  3. Identification of Organizational Reps

    See attendance list above. Nick Stoughton is no longer the "interim" OR from SC22 - SC22 resolution 05-10 in N3989 made this appointment firm, with Keld Simonsen as alternate.

  4. Status Reports
  5. Old business
    Any business brought forward from the teleconference agenda; none at this time.

  6. New business

  7. Consent List - no updates

  8. Issues List - no updates

  9. Action Item Review

    1. ACTION AI-2006-02-01: Mark Brown to produce proposal for Mandatory Access Control APIs based on LSPP (labelled security protection profile).
    2. ACTION AI-2006-02-02: Nick Stoughton/Andrew Josey to make periodic reports into SC22 numbered documents.
    3. ACTION AI-2006-02-03: Ulrich Drepper to submit an aardvark aginst the TOG strawman 2 document to add the follow/no-follow flag to linkat() as appropriate.
    4. ACTION AI-2006-02-04: Nick Stoughton to submit an aardvark against link() when the appropriate time is reached w.r.t. approval of strawman 2.
    5. ACTION AI-2006-02-05: NS to file bugs on strerror_r and basename problems.
    6. ACTION AI-2006-02-06: NS to file a bug on waitpid to remove the current differences.
    7. ACTION AI-2006-02-07: NS to file a bug requesting the waitid function be added to LSB.
    8. ACTION AI-2006-02-08: Andrew Josey to submit an aardvark against at, batch and crontab to make the directory used for the allow and deny files implementation defined.
    9. ACTION AI-2006-02-09: Nick Stoughton to file a bug in LSB bugzilla to remove the internationalized REs difference.
    10. ACTION AI-2006-02-10: NS to file bug on bc and the use of POSIXLY_CORRECT.
    11. ACTION AI-2006-02-11: NS to file bug on chown and chgrp differences. CLOSED, subsequently this was found to be a bug in the TR .
    12. ACTION AI-2006-02-12: NS to file a bug on the cut utility differences.
    13. ACTION AI-2006-02-13: NS to file bug to re-evaluate the differences in df. (-t is still different)
    14. ACTION AI-2006-02-14: NS to file a bug on the du differences.
    15. ACTION AI-2006-02-15: NS to file bug on find differences
    16. ACTION AI-2006-02-16: Mark Brown to file an aardvark to clarify the wording (change and add examples) to the fuser utility.
    17. ACTION AI-2006-02-17: NS to file bug noting the additional differences in fuser.
    18. ACTION AI-2006-02-18: NS to submit bug on newgrp (wrong synopsis and -l is now supported).
    19. ACTION AI-2006-02-19: AJ to contact Louis Strous (louis@yahoo.com) to request full text for tremove (see XSH ERN 46) and any other related changes required.
    20. ACTION AI-2006-02-20: Andrew Josey to create interpretation requests as necessary for those items marked as interps track.
    21. ACTION AI-2006-02-21: Ulrich to provide example code for keeping signal cleanup handlers in a defined state for use in pselect and sigsuspend. (see XSH ERN 122). CLOSED
    22. ACTION AI-2006-02-22: Andrew Josey to request feedback on proposed new words for XSH ERN 127 (getnameinfo) from network experts.
    23. ACTION AI-2006-02-23: Mark Brown to propose new words for XCU ERN 1 (pax).
    24. ACTION AI-2006-02-24: DWC to contact Lowell to check electronic procedures etc for PAR approval by PASC-SEC.
    25. ACTION AI-2006-02-25: AJ to contact IEEE staff to advise them of our plans for the revision.
    26. ACTION AI-2006-02-26: NS to file aardvark on fine-grain timestamps, utimes (incorrectly marked legacy) is able to set fine grain timestamps, stat should be able to get with at least this accuracy.
    27. ACTION AI-2006-02-27: AJ to publicize the extension to the proposal submission deadline to March 31.
    28. ACTION AI-2006-02-28: AJ to filter the XSH, XCU and XRAT aardvarks for SD5 and interps material.
    29. ACTION AI-2006-02-29: AJ to publish a first draft of the revision project plan by 2006-03-03.
    NB in this list, "bug" refers to a bug filed in the LSB bugzilla, while "aardvark" is the term used for defects against ISO/IEC 9945.
  10. Draft & Meeting Schedule

    Need to get the PAR out in 6-2006 for approval by PASC-SEC, so it get to SAB in September-06. ACTION DWC to contact Lowell to check electronic procedures etc for this. ACTION AJ to contact IEEE staff to advise them of our plans for the revision. The next teleconference is March 9 at the regular timeslot. We do not expect the next face to face meeting until February 2007, handling ballot resolution from Draft 2, but will review this periodically.

    We developed a draft schedule, with 5 or 6 drafts, concluding late in 2007 if all goes according to plan. This is available as Austin/280.

  11. AOB
    1. Spencer Cheng who is assisting The Institute for System Programming, Russian Acadamy of Science joined us on Thursday, and described the project he is involved in that is developing tests around POSIX interfaces.
    2. All members of the Austin Group wish to thank The Standards Council of Canada for hosting this meeting, feeding us well, and generally taking care of our needs so dutifully. In addition, the Austin Group wishes to thank Peter van der Veen for the loan of his wireless access point that allowed us to work more easily.

    The meeting adjourned at 12:05, Friday February 24.

    If you have comments or additions relating to the correctness of the Minutes please send them to The Austin Group Chair. If your comments relate to decisions regarding the disposition of the aardvark please refer first to the Aardvark reports, and then if you still have a comment please send it to the main reflectors so that all can see the issue.