Minutes of March 2008 Meeting

Minutes of the 14th Plenary Meeting of the Austin Group
Mar 04 - 05, 2008, The Open Group, San Francisco, CA.


Name Affiliation Role
Andrew Josey The Open Group (teleconference, full) Chair
Nick Stoughton Usenix SC 22 OR, Secretary
Don Cragun Sun Microsystems IEEE OR
Larry Dwyer HP (teleconference, full) The Open Group alternate
Mark Brown IBM (teleconference, full) The Open Group OR
Ulrich Drepper Red Hat (teleconference, full)
Mats Wichmann Intel
Geoff Clare The Open Group (teleconference, full)
Cathy Fox The Open Group (teleconference, full)

Andrew Josey called the fourtheenth meeting (a.k.a. Austin/M15, since this counting includes a teleconference) of the Austin Group to order at 9:13 am Tuesday, March 4th at The Open Group facility, San Francsico, CA.

Meeting Goals

The goal of this meeting is to review draft 4 comments for the 200x revision, and continue processing inbound defect reports so that they can be addressed for the final draft.

The main part of the meeting will be spent doing issue resolution based on Aardvark comments submitted against Draft 4 and also those outstanding on the 2004 edition of the standard. Attendees are assumed to be familiar with the proposed dispositions for the aardvark prior to the attendance of the meeting - these will not be discussed unless there is some disagreement with the proposal.

  1. Administrivia
  2. Procedures Update

    No updates.

  3. Identification of Organizational Reps

    See attendance list above.

  4. Status Reports
  5. Old business
    Nick reminded everyone about the null pointer C liaison question. There is proposed response from Tom Plum (austin-sep2007 # 76). This is a complex rewording. We certainly need to drop the informative note from 3.243 (action completed by Cathy for Draft 5). Geoff noted (in #77):
    "It seems to me that the additional part about the value of NULL is only of relevance to the C Standard. Now that we require NULL to have type void *, it would not be needed in SUSv4 (TC1) as the value of NULL already meets the existing definition of a null pointer (it is a pointer obtained by converting an integer constant expression with the value 0 to void *)."
  6. New business
  7. Consent List:
    No changes.
  8. Issues List
    No changes.
  9. Action Item Review
    1. 2008-03-01 ACTION: Larry and Nick to develop a position paper on char16 and char32 issues for the pre Delft WG 14 mailing (14 March 2008). This will be discussed by email and also at the March 13th teleconference.
    2. 2008-03-02 ACTION: Nick to propose new wording for hexadecimal escapes in printf that makes long strings of digits unspecified. App Usage/Rationale should highlight the difference in behavior between the common implementations.
    3. 2008-03-03 ACTION: Nick and Ulrich to submit arguments against interpretation 122 to the interps group.
    4. 2008-03-04 ACTION: Andrew to update the roadmap as described in the Draft & Meeting schedule outlined below.
    5. 2008-03-05 ACTION: Andrew to create interpretation requests for XSH ERNS 230, 231, 232, 234, 236 and XCU ERN 177.
  10. Draft & Meeting Schedule

    Draft 5 will fold in the 20 aardvark from the D4 review (19 prior to the meeting +1 added at the meeting), plus 3 editorial items added to SD5.  There will be a 3 week review  commencing 2008-04-04 until 2008-04-25. There will be a teleconference in week commencing 2008-04-28 to develop final instructions. Use normal Thursday slot 2008-05-01. D5.1 incorporates any changes from that (should be editorial only) and that goes for IEEE final recirculation and ISO/IEC DIS ballot. DIS ballot is 2 months (plus lead and trail time). IEEE ballot is minimum ten day; probably ask for at least 14 days to allow for travel plans. Expected timetable for D5.1 is 2008-05-15. Aim for RevCom submittal 2008-08-15, with IEEE Standard approved in September.

  11. TC1 PAR should probably start after the document is approved.

    No face to face meetings planned for the immediate future.

    Next teleconference 2008-03-27 to discuss interp 122 and hexadecimal escapes, and possibly 2008-03-13 to discuss char16_t and char32_t paper.

  12. AOB
    1. All members of the Austin Group wish to thank The Open Group for hosting this meeting, and generally taking care of our needs so dutifully.

    The meeting adjourned at 11.20am PST, Wednesday March 5, 2008.

If you have comments or additions relating to the correctness of the Minutes please send them to The Austin Group Chair. If your comments relate to decisions regarding the disposition of the aardvark please refer first to the Aardvark reports, and then if you still have a comment please send it to the main reflectors so that all can see the issue.