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Latest News About the Group

April 17 2015: The first committee draft of TC2 for 2008 is available for review (select login).

April 19 2013: The 2013 edition of the full specification has been published.

February 6 2013:IEEE approves TC1 for 2008

January 2013:Balloting for TC1 for 2008 has completed, included IEEE, ISO and Open Group balloting. It is now in the approvals process.

October 25 2012:The Open Group approves TC1 for 2008

August 2012: ISO approves TC1 for 2008.

April 2012: Revised Committee Maintenance Procedures reflect use of Mantis for Closed and Resolved defects. Work continues on maintenance and defect report processing.

September 2009: ISO Publishes the latest specification as ISO/IEC 9945:2009

June 2009: Switchover to Mantis for bug reporting and bug tracking. See

December 2008: the standard is published by The Open Group and IEEE. Read the standard.

Sep 26 2008: The IEEE has approved the document as IEEE Std 1003.1-2008

July 2008: The Open Group approves the document as the Base Specifications Issue 7

May 15 2008: The standard is now technically complete and undergoing final ballots at IEEE and ISO.

Next Meeting

See the events diary for the next meeting.

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Next Teleconference Agenda

The next teleconference is scheduled to discuss inbound aardvark including considerations for new interpretations. (See the diary for the regular bridge number and timeslot, there is a toll free number for US participants)

Press Releases


Read the ISO Approval press release.

The IEEE and The Open Group Launch POSIX® Certification Program.

(More press releases...).

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Obtaining a Copy of the Standard

The html version of the 2013 edition is freely available on the web, more information and registration are here.

A PDF copy of the full specification is also available at the same location or from IEEE.

(more information...)

Defect Reports/Bug Reporting

To submit a bug report against the specifications please use the Mantis online defect tracker at

Interpretations of the standard resulting from defect reports are held in this repository.

Join the Review Group

We recently completed the first technical corrigendum to the 2008 standard and are working on maintenance towards the second technical corrigendum. To actively work on the Austin Group documents you need to join the austin-group mailing list. See the mailing list page for more information.

Recent Approval Status

April 19 2013: The 2013 Edition of the joint specifications has been published.

6 February 2013: IEEE approved Technical Corrigendum 1.

25 October 2012: The Open Group approved Technical Corrigendum 1.

August 2012: ISO Approves Technical Corrigendum 1.

September 15 2009: ISO publishes ISO/IEC 9945:2009

December 2008: ISO approves ISO/IEC 9945

September 26 2008: IEEE approves IEEE Std 1003.1-2008

July 24 2008: The Open Group approves the Base Specifications Issue 7


Certified Products

See the UNIX® certified products list.

See the POSIX®: Certified by IEEE and The Open Group certified products list.

Group Materials

Group materials are kept in the document register.

only search the Open Group site
Some of the materials are in PDF format, reader software is available. The group also maintains a set of links to other related standards materials.

Future Plans

We're currently in maintenance mode, working towards the second technical corrigendum of the 2008 revision. We also tag some changes for Issue 8. We meet regularly at least bi-weekly by teleconference. There is a freephone number to join the teleconference. You need to join the mailing list to get a login id.

The Austin Common Standards Revision Group (CSRG) is a joint technical working group established to develop and maintain the core open systems interfaces that are the POSIX® 1003.1 (and former 1003.2) standards, ISO/IEC 9945 parts 1 to 4, and the core of the Single UNIX Specification.

The approach to specification development is "write once, adopt everywhere", with the deliverables being a set of specifications that carry the IEEE POSIX designation, The Open Group's Technical Standard designation, and the ISO/IEC designation. The current set of specifications is simultaneously ISO/IEC 9945, IEEE Std 1003.1 and forms the core of the Single UNIX Specification.

This unique development combines industry led efforts and the formal standardization activities into a single initiative, and includes a wide spectrum of participants. The group is free and open to participate in and features a balanced set of interest groups including commercial companies, influential figures from the open source community, liaisons from other standards groups, educational and government users, and user groups.

Working with the Open Source community

The group includes developers from the Open Source community. As part of acknowledging their valuable input the copyright holders have made several grants relating to use of the documentation in those projects. Some of these are listed: the Linux Man Pages project, the FreeBSD project, the NetBSD operating system, the Cygwin Project, Gunnar Ritter's Heirloom Toolkit and other tools, Joerg Schilling's pax and find, Jens Schweikardt book, and the ISPRAS Linux testing project.

How to get Involved

Why you should get involved with POSIX?

Read a backgrounder on the scope, audience and purpose for this standard.

View a set of slides (pdf) or read the long scope for the 2008 revision for an overview.

Read the Frequently Asked Questions file.

The group is chaired by Andrew Josey from The Open Group. The Open Group manages the day to day running of the group providing the chair, the editor and email/web facilities.

Committee Draft Development Procedures

A set of Committee Maintenance Procedures for the Approved Standard are available for information (summary diagram).

The group has adopted the Aardvark comment format for change requests and defect reports. This allows for collation of change requests in order for production of a change request report to be considered at a review meeting.

Joint Working Group Procedures

JDOCS Procedures for Operation of the group are available.

Current Participants
As of July 2012 there are approximately 500 participants ,including those from the following entities (who have requested their organization be listed):
  • AT&T
  • Bull SA.
  • Canada Customs and Revenue Agency
  • Cisco Systems, Inc.
  • Cognos, Inc
  • FreeBSD
  • Future Technlogies, Inc.
  • Hewlett Packard Company
  • IEEE Inc.
  • International Business Machines, Corporation.
  • Investmentclub BAXX GbR
  • Linux Standard Base
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Marconi Communications
  • Microsoft
  • Mount Bonnell, Inc.
  • NetBSD
  • Perennial
  • Red Hat Inc.
  • Siemens AG
  • Sun Microsystems Inc.
  • SuSE Linux AG
  • The Open Group
  • The University of Alberta, Canada
  • The US Department of Defense
  • Tydeman Consulting
  • USENIX Association.
If you wish to have your organiztion listed please contact the chair with your request. The full list of current participants is available from here.

Invitation To Participate
Anyone wishing to participate in the Austin Group should contact the chair with their requests. There are no fees for participation or membership. You may participate as an observer or as a contributor. You do not have to attend face-to-face meetings to participate, electronic participation is most welcome. Please subscribe to our Mailing list.

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UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group.
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