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Business Driven Architecture for Strategic Transformation

David Baker
Partner and Chief Architect, PwC's Diamond Advisory Services

Many businesses face challenges putting their strategy into operation so they can realize the intended business value. Causes can range from high-level visionary statements with no detailed tactics, to detailed ‘wish lists’ of requirements with no over-arching goals or objectives. Another cause is the lack of a common language to specify, understand and modify the business drivers into operational implications and from operational implications to technology requirements.

Successful transformations MUST be planned and must be driven by business from the business strategy. Such strategic planning requires a fundamental change in the conversation between your architects and the business. This session shows you how to use Business Architecture to engage the business, drive detail into the business strategy, and bridge the gaps that exist between the business strategy and the enabling business operations and technology.

We will:

• Learn how to engage your business counterparts in strategic planning
• Discover the impact your company’s operating model has on the resulting business and IT architectures
• Learn how to use business capabilities to map the impact of the business strategy
• Discover the competencies required to do Strategic Planning
• Explore organizational options that support strategic planning

David BakerDavid Baker is a partner and the chief architect for PwC's Diamond Advisory Services. As a knowledge leader in enterprise architecture, Dave creates enterprise architecture maturity plans for organizations and helps them develop business and technical blueprints to govern their strategic initiatives. Dave has 30 years of IT experience, including identifying leading-edge technologies, guiding innovation projects, defining strategies for applying technology, and leading architecture assessment and implementation efforts.

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