Austin 2016: Proceedings - Plenary

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Making Standards Work®
Open Standards and Open Source

Austin, TX, USA, July 18-21, 2016

This event took place at the Four Seasons Hotel Austin.

Each day of the event included a mix of plenary presentations and a set of parallel tracks examining specific areas in depth.

The presentations can be accessed from the links below under separate daily headings:

The presentations are freely available only to members of The Open Group and event attendees.

Click here for the event Agenda where you will find synopses of the presentations.

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Monday July 18

PLENARY: Making Standards Work®

  • Welcome Address
    Steve Nunn, President, The Open Group
  • The Future of Business Architecture: Challenges and Opportunities  [PDF]  [Recording]
    Jeff Scott, President, Business Innovation Partners
  • The Open Business Architecture Standard  [PDF]  [Recording]
    Aaron Rorstrom, Principal Enterprise Architect, Capgemini
  • ArchiMate® 3.0: A New Standard for Architecture  [PDF]  [Recording]
    Marc Lankhorst, Managing Consultant & Service Line Manager – Enterprise Architecture, BIZZdesign; and
    Iver Band, Enterprise Architect, Cambia Health Solutions
  • PANEL: Architecture Standards Development  [Recording]
    Moderator: Chris Forde, General Manager, Asia Pacific Region & VP, Enterprise Architecture, The Open Group
    Panelists: Mark Lankhorst, Iver Band, Mike Lambert (Fellow of The Open Group), Harry Hendrickx (Business Architect, HPE)



Open Business Architecture

Security in Industrial Controls

Security and Risk Management

Tuesday July 19

PLENARY: Making Standards Work®

  • Welcome Address & Discussion  [Recording]
    Steve Nunn, President, The Open Group
  • Open Technology and Executable Standards: Changing the Standards Landscape
    Andras Szakal, CTO/CIO/CSO/CFO, IBM
  • PANEL: Open Standards & Open Source  [PDF]  [Recording]
    Moderator: David Lounsbury, Chief Technical Officer & VP, Services, The Open Group
    Panelists: Phil Beauvoir, Archi Product Manager, Independent Consultant;
    John Stough, Senior Software Architect, supporting PM Future Vertical Lift (FVL), JHNA, Inc.; and
    Karl Schopmeyer, Independent Consultant
  • Driving IT Strategic Planning at ExxonMobil with the IT4IT™ Standard  [PDF]  [Recording]
    Rick Solis, IT Business Architect, ExxonMobil Global Services Co.
  • Enabling Trust in the Supply Chain  [PDF]  [Recording]
    Andy Purdy, Chief Security Officer, Huawei Technologies USA; and
    Joanne Woytek, Program Manager for the NASA SEWP Program, NASA



The IT4IT™ Standard

  • Four Real-World IT4IT™ Case Studies  [PDF]  [Recording]
    Mark Bodman, IT4IT Strategist, HPE
  • IT4IT™: Shifting the Conversation to Business Value  [PDF]  [Recording]
    David Hornford, Managing Partner, Conexiam
  • How to Get Started with the IT4IT™ Standard to Become DevOps Ready?  [PDF]  [Recording]
    Rob Akershoek, IT4IT Architect, Logicalis/Shell Information Technology International BV, The Netherlands
  • New! IT4IT™ Foundation People Certification – Expand your Professional Value  [PDF]  [Recording]
    Andrew Josey, VP, Standards & Certification, The Open Group

Open Platform 3.0™/Digital Case Studies

Professional Development

Open Platform 3.0™/Developing Solutions

  • Joint Agile Delivery
    Tony Chang, VP of Huawei US R&D Competence Center, Huawei
  • PANEL: Developing Open Platform 3.0™ Solutions
    Moderator: Chris Harding, Director for Interoperability, The Open Group
    Panelists: Tony Chang, VP of Huawei US R&D Competence Center, Huawei;
    Mike McGuire, Executive IT Architect, IBM; and
    Sriram Sabesan, Partner, Conexiam

EA Practice

Wednesday July 20


Academia Partnering – Making Projects Work

  • Making Projects Work: How Academia Partnering with Industry Makes All Better Off
    Lydia Ortega, Chair, Department of Economics at San Jose State University
  • PANEL: How Academics, Students, and Industry can Collaborate to Accelerate Standards
    Moderator: Mike Jerbic, Principal Consultant, Trusted Systems Consulting Group
    Panelists: Lydia Ortega, Chair, Department of Economics at San Jose State University;
    David Lounsbury, Chief Technical Officer and VP, Services, The Open Group; and
    Stephen Whitlock, Chief of Strategy and Technology, Boeing, Information Security Solutions

Transformation with Cloud & Open Platform 3.0™

Capability-Based Architectures

Open Platform 3.0™/Big Data

Architecture Methods and Techniques

Open Platform 3.0™/IoT

EA and Business Innovation

  • Innovate-a-thon
    Jason Uppal, Innovation & Transformation Practitioner,

Open Platform 3.0™/Smart City Ecosystems

ArchiMate® Case Studies & Workshop (Open Session)