Berlin 2017: Proceedings - Architecture Forum

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Architecture Forum Open Session

Tuesday, April 25, 2017, 2:00 – 5:30 pm

Objective of Meeting

The main goal of the session was to present some of the most relevant results achieved by Forum members through different work streams, which are addressing key topics. The session was open to non-members.


The Forum Chair welcomed attendees and explained the format and objectives of the session.

The speakers of the different slots were also presented.

The following topics were presented during the meeting:

  • Digital Transformation Strategy to Implementation using The Open Group Standards
  • Capability-Based Planning
  • Business Architecture – Value Streams

After each presentation attendees delivered a series of questions to the presenters and final conclusions and recommendations were delivered.


  • Set of comments delivered by the audience to speakers
    This input will be important for the future work of the different projects since all of them are work-in-progress.

Next Steps

  • Communicate the results of the session to the Forum
  • Support future actions that might start in the Forum in relation to the presentations


The following presentations were delivered by the speakers: