Berlin 2017: Proceedings - Open Process Automation Forum

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Open Process Automation™ Forum Brand Identity Map Workshop

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Objective of Meeting

This was an all-day Brand Identity Map Workshop to establish initial branding for the Forum and its eventual products.


A small subset of the Forum members was asked to participate. Patty Donovan and Jim Hietala facilitated the sessions. It was agreed that there was a minimum of six potential maps that could be created; two related to end-user organizations, two related to supplier organizations, and two related to potential industry standards organizations partners. Each of the organizational dimensions had a Forum membership and Forum Standard dimension.


A Brand Identity Map was completed for the Standards products for the end-user organizations and partially completed for the Standards products for the supplier organizations.

Next Steps

It was agreed that the Workshop would continue, with the same participants, on June 5. ExxonMobil kindly offered to host the workshop at their Headquarters outside of Houston Texas.