ArchiMate® Forum Agenda - Boston 2014

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014 (11:30am-12:45pm)

ArchiMate® Forum Members Meeting

  • “Requirements” List for the next version of ArchiMate  - Mark Bodman/ Sonia Gonzalez/ Iver Band -
    • Proposal: Survey to find out which members can commit to which items
  • TOGAF® framework and ArchiMate modeling language Harmonization project – Bill Estrem/Sonia Gonzalez/ Serge Thorn
  • “ArchiMate-BPMN working together” whitepaper – Henry Franken
    • Meetings have been held
  • ArchiMate Forum Vice Chair Elections
    • Announcement was emailed;  Nominations open July 17 and close July 31
  • Request related to ArchiMate/t regarding Iconography and object names
    • Background:  Email contents - I am currently attempting to develop a notation for use with the Zachman Framework, for the purposes of contribution to the industry, and not for profit.  Within the notation are a number of objects which share similarities with those found within ArchiMate, and I was whether it was acceptable for me to use some of the same icons, and some of the same object names.
    • Iver, henry and Allen have agreed not to allow the use and to invite the person to work with the ArchiMate Forum
  • ArchiMate marketing
    • Certification numbers
    • Publication numbers
    • Marketing  

New Business:

Phase 2 – ArchiMate 2.1 “defect” maintenance