Boston 2014: Proceedings - EMMM Forum

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EMMM™ Forum – Information Model Workshop

Objective of Meeting

The objective of the first EMMM Forum meeting at Boston was to provide background and discuss the scope of work for the Information Model project. The Information Model is the next component of the Exploration and Mining Reference Framework.


The meeting was held on July 22 from 14:00 and the following items were addressed:

A brief introduction to the Exploration and Mining Reference Framework was given.

The Forum meeting discussed the components of the Framework and other industry verticals that provided best practices for the Framework.

The meeting discussed the approach taken with the Information Model and touched on UDEF as an aspect to consider when defining the Information Model down to logical data model level. The Forum is, however, using the concepts from UDEF as reminders of the information components that may need to be investigated.

The Forum also met informally with the Knowledge Architecture Work Group to align efforts from an academic and practical standpoint.

Next Steps

Feedback to members not able to attend Boston in the next member meeting.