Boston 2014: Proceedings - Healthcare Forum

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Healthcare Forum Members' Meeting

Objective of Meeting

The meeting objectives were to:

  1. Review the learning from the full day of healthcare presentations and workshop on the preceding day.
  2. Review findings of gap analysis of activities of Standards Development Organizations (SDO).
  3. Discuss programs of work, moving forward.
  4. Review/discuss/make suggested edits to the charter.


Member representation included 6 companies, though there was a good deal of “in and out”.  HP was very well represented throughout the day. A productive discussion identifying main takeaways from the previous day was followed by a review of the activities of SDOs. This was followed by review of an initial conceptual model for the Forum's work on mobile health from a person-centric point of view. The Forum spent a considerable amount of time commenting on and refining the charter.


The meeting produced consensus around the start of a conceptual mobile model. Progress on the charter was achieved and it is now ready to be reviewed by the whole Forum membership. This process began about one week before the conference, primarily so those attending could conduct a review. There was productive discussion about growing membership and asking the Board to help grow the bench from Platinum members.

Next Steps

  1. Put the draft charter on the Plato website, as revised during this meeting, and request member comments.
  2. Reach out to Platinum members for additional contacts and potential members from their organizations.
  3. Move forward on the White Papers currently underway:
    1. The value of EA for healthcare providers
    2. The current state of SDO work in mobile healthcare 
  4. Pursue two possible programs of work:
    1. Mobile medical devices
    2. Next gen payer modeling
  5. Member recruitment:
    1. Internal (Platinum members)
    2. External
  6. Conduct meetings with possible partners (RIQI, PCHA, etc.)


Healthcare Forum Plato website (available to members only)