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LDAP CertifiedThe LDAP Certified program was defined by The Open Group’s Directory Interoperability Forum. It signifies guaranteed conformance of directory servers to Version 3 of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

The precise requirements are detailed in the LDAP Certified Product Standard. Support for optional features of the product standard is documented for each certified server in a response to the Conformance Statement Questionnaire. Compliance is determined based on the VSLDAP test suite. However, the vendors warrant that their products conform to all details of the product standard, whether those details are tested or not. LDAP Certified V2 replaces the Open Brand for LDAP 2000 program .


The certification program benefits both customers and vendors by:

  • Providing assurance of conformance and interoperability
  • Reducing the costs and risks of getting certified.

Under the program, vendor guarantee conformance to specification. This guarantee ensures that products conform to a specification, remain conformant throughout the life of the product’s registration, and any non-conformance will be promptly fixed. All current certified products are listed in the Certified Products Register.

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