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The Open Group's COE Platform Certification

The Open Brand
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UNIX 98 Workstation
UNIX 98 Server

COE Platform Certification: Summary of Web References

The starting point for The Open Group COE Platform Certification http://www.opengroup.org/openbrand/coe/
The COE Platform Certification Policy docs/COE_Platform_Certification_Policy.pdf
The Guide to COE Platform Certification docs/COE_Platform_Certification_Guide.html
Product Standards docs/prodstandards.html
The list of currently authorized Test Suites docs/testsuites.html
The Frequently Asked Questions File docs/faq.html
Diagrammatic Overview of the COE Platform Certification docs/diagrams.pdf
Information on The Open Group's Open Brand Certification Program http://www.opengroup.org/openbrand/
The Open Group Certification Register register/
The COE Platform Certification Problem Reporting System and Database PR/
Conformance Statement Questionnaires http://www.opengroup.org/csq
COE Resources, including the Hosts Security Test Suite and the Manual Validation Procedures ftp://ftp.opengroup.org/pub/coe/

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