ArchiMate® Frequently Asked Questions

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Individual Certification

Q. What is the objective of the certification program?

The objective is to make certification available to individuals who have knowledge and understanding of the ArchiMate 2 modeling language, and the capability to use the ArchiMate language for modeling.

Q. How can I achieve certification?

A. You first need to decide the level you would like to study for, and then after a period of study, attending a training course or by self-study, take the applicable examinations.

Q. What are the available certifications?

There are two levels of certification, denoted Level 1 and Level 2. Level 2 is a superset of Level 1 as it contains all the learning requirements for Level 1.

Certification to Level 1 is known as ArchiMate 2 Foundation . Certification to Level 2 is known as ArchiMate 2 Certified.


Q. What is the retake policy if i fail an Examination?

A. Candidates who fail an examination are not allowed to re-set ANY  ArchiMate  examination again for a period of one (1) month. A result received before one month will be VOID.

Q. How can I find out about the syllabus and examinations?

A. Firstly to obtain a high level view, you should read the datasheets  for the appropriate level  you are considering. For detail of the learning outcomes required see the Conformance Requirements document.

Q. What topics are covered in the syllabus?

A. The following topics are common to both Level 1 and Level 2:

  • The basic concepts and key terminology of Enterprise Architecture and the ArchiMate language
  • The principles and core concepts underlying the ArchiMate core language and extensions
  • The concepts from the ArchiMate layers and extensions
  • The ArchiMate relationships
  • The ArchiMate views and viewpoints
  • Adapting the ArchiMate language
  • The ArchiMate certified tools to support modeling and analysis
  • The relationship of the ArchiMate modeling language to other languages and frameworks

Training Course Accreditation

Q. Where can I find the information on how to have a training course accredited?

A. The page detailing the requirements  and steps to meet them is at

Q. How are the examinations delivered?

A. The exam is delivered through either through Prometric or  by Accredited Archimate Training Course Providers who use  The Open Group Internet Based Testing portal.

Q. Are there  Practice examinations available?

A. Yes, Accredited ArchiMate Training Course Providers are able to request a copy of the Practice examinations to distribute to their course attendees. Practice examinations are also available with the Self-Study Pack (see below)

Q. Are there self-study materials?

A. A self-study pack is available, see Document B132

Q. I have licensed a set of  courseware from a third party that has already been accredited. Do I need to submit an accreditation package and the materials again to become accredited?

A. Yes, you need to submit the materials and an accreditation checklist pertinent to your own organization. If the materials have not been changed then that should be stated. The checklist should contain information on your own organization's quality system etc.

How to obtain Further Information

For enquiries please contact The Open Group ArchiMate Certification Authority by email at archimate-cert-auth(at)