The Open Group Examination Non-disclosure agreement and Exam Conduct Policy

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If you are taking one of The Open Group Examinations then you are required to accept the following confidentiality agreement.


This is an agreement ("Agreement") between You and THE OPEN GROUP that sets forth the terms and conditions of your use and disclosure of the Exam Materials.

You hereby understand, acknowledge, and agree:

1. That THE OPEN GROUP spends substantial sums of time and money in developing and administering its Exam Materials and carefully guards their integrity and confidentiality;
2. That the questions and answers of the Exam are the exclusive and confidential property of THE OPEN GROUP and are protected by THE OPEN GROUP's intellectual property rights;
3. That You may not disclose the Exam questions or answers or discuss any of the content of the Exam Materials with any person, without prior written approval of THE OPEN GROUP;
4. That You will not remove from the examination room any Exam Materials of any kind provided to You or any other material related to the Exam, including, without limitation, any notes or calculations;
5. That You will not copy or attempt to make copies (written, photocopied, or otherwise) of any Exam Material, including, without limitation, any exam questions or answers;
6. That You will not sell, license, distribute, give away, or obtain from any other source other OPEN GROUP Exam materials, questions or answers.

You hereby acknowledge and agree that violation of any of these provisions will cause irreparable harm to THE OPEN GROUP for which monetary remedies may be inadequate, and that THE OPEN GROUP shall be entitled, without waiving any other rights or remedies, to take all appropriate actions to remedy or prevent such disclosure or misuse, including obtaining an immediate injunction.

Neither this Agreement nor any right granted hereunder shall be assignable or otherwise transferable by You. This Agreement may be modified only by a writing signed by both parties. This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, without giving effect to any choice of law rule. This Agreement represents the entire Agreement of the parties hereto pertaining to the subject matter of this Agreement, and supersedes any and all prior oral discussions and/or written correspondence or agreements between the parties with respect thereto.

Exam Conduct Policy: Questions and Answers

The Open Group applies the following policy regarding Exam Conduct.

Q. What is The Open Group Policy on its Exam Intellectual Property?
A. All exam content, including the items, options, and correct responses, is the intellectual property of The Open Group. You are required to agree to a non-disclosure agreement before you can take an Open Group exam.
Q. Can I share and discuss the exam with my colleagues or on social media?
A. The NDA you accept when taking an exam specifically prohibits sharing information from the exam. If you are found to have discussed exam content with others, be it in person or on online forums, you will be disqualified from taking any exam required for any Open Group certification and decertified.
Q. What is The Open Group policy on brain dumps?
A. Brain dumps are unauthorized publications of exam questions with or without answers. Using brain dumps, including memorizing them to take an exam, is considered as fraud. Exams are meant to validate candidate’s knowledge and/or understanding of a topic. Memorizing answers does not allow such validation. Being caught using brain dumps, either live or through statistical analysis, is considered as cheating and will disqualify the candidate from getting certified.
Q. What is The Open Group policy on cheating?
A. If you are caught cheating while taking an exam, or afterwards based on statistical analysis of the exam data, your test result will not lead to certification. If it is subsequently discovered after certification then you will be disqualified from taking any exam required for any Open Group certification and decertified.

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