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The last step taken on moving forward with Boundaryless Information Flow was to inventory vendor approaches for addressing Boundaryless problems. This was done through a call for papers, resulted in presentations in the Washington Conference, and additionally Eliot Solomon has written a paper on Approaches to Boundaryless Information Flow Architecture. For details go to Responses to Call For Boundaryless Information Flow Architecture Papers

The immediate next step is to get organizations involved in discussing and addressing their major roadblocks to implementing Boundaryless Information Flow. This problem is real and this problem is real big! It is estimated that in large companies $100 of millions in opportunities are lost each year due the lack of access to integrated information. Also $ billions are spent to deal with the issue each year.

Is this a problem in your organization? Do you want to do more about IT?

  • Join others with similar concerns and get more for less!
  • Join The Open Group in this partnership to solve this extremely important problem!

If so please send mail of your interest to Chris Harding.

The staff of The Open Group is committed to helping customers articulate their issues, such as the issues behind our customers desire and need to achieve the vision of Boundaryless Information Flow. And we are dedicated to bring together the necessary vendors and consortia that have something to offer to address these customer issues. 

The Interoperable Enterprise Business Scenario captures, in great detail, the inspiration for Boundaryless Information Flow. This business scenario points out the business rationale behind this need for businesses to put in place infrastructure services that bring information together and provides that information to those users and applications that need it. The Interoperable Enterprise exposes: 

Access to integrated information to support business process improvements is the root problem. INTEROPERABILITY of the infrastructure to gain that access is the main technical challenge.

The "Boundaryless Organization" is described in detail in the book "The Boundaryless Organization: Breaking the Chains of Organizational Structure" by Ron Ashkenas etal. This book and the work that preceded it's creation has set the imperative for organizations to behave in a more boundaryless way. This is relevant to the work that we do at The Open Group in two ways. First The Open Group is concerned with all organizations that share in a view that the advancement of this Information Technology industry lies in cooperation. Cooperation first between the buy-side and the supply-side! No one particular side holds success without the other. We operate in a boundaryless way with buyers, vendors and other consortia. Secondly the technical space we are looking at is aimed at making information flow as easily as possible. We are looking at ways in which information can flow naturally in support of the Boundaryless Organization. 

CIO Corner

"Boundaryless Information Flow is Real and Relevant".

Prior Papers

Eliot Solomon's paper on Approaches to Boundaryless Information Flow Architecture (.pdf) reports findings from the Washington Conference. 

The Boundaryless Information Flow Reference Architecture (.pdf) explains a framework to guide the creation of specific architectures whose key IT objective is the reduce the friction of internal and/or external boundaries.

The Family of Architectures (.pdf) white paper positions the necessary architectures to address the Boundaryless Information Flow problem.

Two white papers on Boundaryless Information Flow are available through the publications catalog as Adobe Acrobat files and are free of charge. 

The Manager's Guide to Business Scenarios is also available. 

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions page on Boundaryless Information Flow. The What Is Boundaryless Information Flow presentation is available in two forms: one for commercial users, and another for non-commercial users.

Staff met with a few CIOs to capture their issues resulting in a Business Scenario brief.

Please let us know if these problems resemble your problems and if so get engaged!

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