Cloud Computing for Business : Acknowledgements


Much of the material in this Guide was derived from the work of the Cloud Computing Explained, Cloud Business Use-Cases, and Cloud Business Artifacts project of The Open Group Cloud Computing Work Group. The Cloud Computing Explained project was led by Gill Hughes of Capgemini and Shuvanker Ghosh of IBM, and included a significant contribution from Ed Harrington of Architecting-the-Enterprise. The Cloud Business Use-Cases project was led by Pamela K. Isom of IBM and Deborah Hawley of The MITRE Corporation, and included notable contributions from Sreekanth Iyer of IBM. The Cloud Business Artifacts project was led by Penelope Gordon, now of 1Plug Corporation, and Mark Skilton of Capgemini.

The material was assembled and rewritten for the Guide under the supervision of an editorial committee consisting of Pamela K. Isom, Mark Skilton, and Chris Harding of The Open Group, who acted as lead author.

The results were reviewed twice, first by a panel of reviewers with particular interest in or experience of the application of Cloud Computing to business situations, including people external to The Open Group, and then by the member companies of The Open Group, as part of The Open Group procedure for approval of publication. These reviews contributed significantly to the quality of the end result.

The following people provided input in the first review. Their independent expertise was extremely valuable, and their comments resulted in a significant restructuring of the early chapters.

  • Stuart Boardman, Getronics Consulting
  • Rick Crosby, UK Cabinet Office
  • Leo Geubbels, Nederlands Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture, and Innovation
  • Erik Hoekx, Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Eddie Michiels, Ernst & Young
  • Kevin Holland, UK National Health Service
  • Paul Leunissen, Nederlands Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment
  • Karin Middeljans, Nederlands Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture, and Innovation
  • Vinod Ralh, IBM
  • Chiel Steinvoort, ABN Amro
  • Gert-Jan Ter Weeme, Nederlands Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment
  • Gerrit Jan Timmermans, Architecture @ Heart
  • Ron Tolido, Capgemini
  • Jaap van der Does, ABN Amro
  • Dick Van Es, ING
  • Adriaan Verdaasdonk, ABN Amro
  • Marco Vink, Nederlands Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment
  • Marc Welters, Ernst & Young

The second review produced a number of detailed improvements, and confirmed that the Guide represents a consensus of The Open Group members. The following people made comments or participated in the review teleconferences, which were managed by Raina Wissing of The Open Group.

  • Sandra Adamson, Capgemini
  • Ram Allampalli, Cognizant
  • Leslie Anderson, Raytheon
  • Omkhar Arasaratnam, IBM
  • Carlos Arevalo, IBM
  • Hemant Babtiwale, Capgemini
  • Giovanni Ballarini, HP
  • Stuart Boardman, Getronics Consulting
  • Xicotencatl Bojorges, IBM
  • Michael J. Broderick, Capgemini
  • Michael Brokmann, IBM
  • Wolfgang Bross, HP
  • Geoff Burke, British Telecom
  • Xijia (Frank) Chen, Cognizant
  • Ron de Jong, Oracle
  • Prantik Debnath, IBM
  • Rakesh V. Dharmala, CA
  • Tom Dickinson, IBM
  • Steve Dowling, Sirius
  • Daniel Downing
  • Jonathan Eccles, HP
  • Kerry Finn, Raytheon
  • Olav Frolich, Devoteam
  • Mark Gasser, Boeing
  • Shuvanker Ghosh, IBM
  • Alan Giblin, HP
  • Penelope Gordon, 1Plug
  • Ed Harrington, Architecting the Enterprise
  • Christine Huang, Deloitte
  • Gill Hughes, Capgemini
  • Mihai Iancu, CCP Investment Board
  • Nilton Ideriha, IBM
  • Niek IJzinga, Logica
  • Glenn Incorvia, Cognizant
  • Pamela K. Isom, IBM
  • Heinz Johner, IBM
  • Juan Juan, HP
  • Radha Kasibhatla, HP
  • Venkata R. Kona, Wipro
  • Lucky Krishna, IBM
  • Joe Lofgren, Raytheon
  • Bhavish Madurai, CSC
  • Dan Marshall, IBM
  • Rafael Araba Moratinos, Oracle
  • Tuomas Nurmela, Tieto
  • Marlin Pohlman, EMC
  • Raffaele Pullo, IBM
  • Leonardo Ramirez, Dux Diligens
  • Sudhir Rao, Capgemini
  • Richard S. Raszka, IBM
  • Claude Riousset, IBM
  • Michael P. Rogers, Capgemini
  • Rajib Roy, HP
  • Tarun Roy, Capgemini
  • Nayan Ruparelia, HP
  • Ilyas Sener, Capgemini
  • Sanjeev Sharma, IBM
  • Dushyant Singh, Tata
  • Bjoern Steffens, IBM
  • Silviu Stoian, Oracle
  • Rey Tapia, Ernst & Young
  • John Taylor, Logica
  • Saji Thoppil, Wipro
  • Bugra Uytun, IBM
  • Martin Van Den Berg, Sogeti
  • Subbarao Varahabhotla, IBM
  • Guillermo B. Vasquez, SAP
  • Christopher Voigt, IBM
  • Wolfgang Von Drews, IBM
  • Stuart Warren, Logica
  • Bob Weisman, Build the Vision
  • Michael Williams, Cisco

The Open Group is grateful to all of these people for their contribution to the Guide, and would also like to acknowledge the more than 500 other members of the Cloud Computing Work Group whose activities contributed to the body of knowledge on which the Guide is based, even though they did not play a specific role in its development.

Thanks are also due to Annelise Savill of VHP for her encouragement and support, Jan Niessen of VHP for his help with the reviews, Allen Brown and James Scott of The Open Group for their advice and input, and Cathy Fox of The Open Group for her meticulous editorial work.




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