Cloud Computing Portability and Interoperability – Example Use-Cases for WS-I and Raw HTTP


iPhone App

A custom iPhone app that reads your enterprise exchange account, to show you your agenda:

  • Connection needs to be lightweight (mobile data charges).
  • Data needs to be easily interpretable (mobile CPU is on average slower compared to desktops/laptops).
  • Data and events are also on-demand (push from your exchange, or pull if you want to update your latest status).

JSON has the advantage over SOAP/XML in this case, as the JSON messages are significantly smaller, so less data is sent over the network. JSON is automatically parsed by JavaScript, so has significantly lower CPU usage and is easier to program in a browser environment.

Code Example: JSON


Code Example: XML


Incident Management

You have an ITSM system and want it to communicate with your partners' similar ITSM system, so that you and your partner will both be able to see the relevant customer incidents and related CI information in the respective CMBD.

  • Data needs to be reliable.
  • Many business rules apply.

SOAP web services have the advantage here, because partners can access the CMDB web service and pull a lot of information; for example:

  • Which fields the CMDB holds for a CI
  • Which are required, which are optional
  • What is the expected input per field (maximum length, integer, string, etc.)

All that is required to integrate a partner's system is to do a functional mapping of the fields (for example, to map the “CI identifier” fields of you and your partners' CMDBs).