Cloud Computing Governance Framework – Applying Cloud Computing Governance


Enterprises looking to implement or evolve cloud computing governance should do the following, leveraging the cloud computing governance process pairs:

  1. Ensure that the enterprise cloud computing strategy is in place.
  2. Review and map the cloud computing lifecycle to existing enterprise processes, and identify gaps to close to meet the new cloud computing governance requirements.
  3. Identify the extent to which the governed processes are in place today and ensure that associated governance processes are integrated into them.
  4. Reference Cloud Computing Governance Roles to associate names to governance roles, and to refine existing governance bodies or define new governance bodies to carry out governance processes.
  5. Define or revise the communication plan to include where and how information related to the cloud transformation will be kept and made available.
  6. Ensure that appropriate compliance review checkpoints are in place with the associated governing bodies.
  7. Evolve the governance processes along with the business outcomes and metrics.
  8. Execute this Cloud Computing Governance Framework.