Business Scenario Workshop Report : Executive Summary


The Open Group conference in July 2009 included a workshop whose purpose was to gather input for a Cloud Computing Business Scenario.

The Business Scenario technique of TOGAF™ can be used to gather and represent customer requirements in order for the supply side to better understand real needs of the customer side. The purpose of the Toronto workshop was to gather customer views on the motivations for, and key requirements of, the use of Cloud Computing technologies. It focused on the pain-points that customers experience through not using Cloud Computing.

The workshop was a lively session, conducted by Terry Blevins of Mitre. More than 40 pain-points were identified. They were grouped into nine categories, which were then ranked in priority order, as follows.

  • Timeliness/agility
  • Resource optimization
  • Cost
  • Need to remove obstacles to innovation
  • Security
  • Risk management
  • Compliance
  • Need to improve quality of IT support
  • Business continuity

This valuable input is described in the body of this report. Further input will be needed to complete the Business Scenario. It will be gathered, and the Scenario completed, during the summer of 2009.





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