Strengthening your Business Case for Using Cloud : Conclusion


This paper was written from a buyer’s perspective – focusing on the business problems and addressing the interests of those pursuing Cloud investments. The use-cases identify key business problems, requirements, and risks that can influence activities such as responses to RFPs, and help to formulate a buyer’s decision considerations. They also influence sellers of Cloud services by identifying key business requirements and usage considerations that will ultimately get transformed into IT capabilities.

Throughout we have provided practical knowledge on how to remain competitive and integrate Cloud as a part of your business solution decision-making. We provide real-life business use-cases and analysis to assist you with your overall planning and business case development. To strengthen development of your business case, we specifically provide information and guidance in the following areas:

  • Provide real-world success stories where companies have applied Cloud to solve specific business challenges
  • Identify specific business risks that clients are facing where Cloud has contributed as a mitigation factor
  • Provide and discuss some common business requirements that companies have expressed as fitting for the Cloud
  • Provide insights into business complexities (such as complex cost structures) that companies are facing and where using the Cloud respectively makes sense

In Business Impact Analysis, we analyzed the use-cases for their business impact, highlighting how Cloud computing is a strong part of the new business models. This analysis describes compliance and risk that should be considered when determining utilization of the Cloud in your business. It further describes how business competes by offering differentiated services and products. And with the maturing of Cloud computing, other considerations besides costs – such as vendor credibility, industry certifications, security, and business performance – are more prevalent in driving the acquisition of Cloud services. Cloud influencers and business trends are highlighted to not only validate the enclosed use-cases, but the section also provides insights into CEOs around the globe, their top business challenges, and the relevancy of Cloud as a viable business solution.




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