Strengthening your Business Case for Using Cloud : Introduction


With the rapid emergence of technologies, it is important for business executives and stakeholders to focus on the real business challenges and the needs of the enterprise. This White Paper provides a high-level depiction of real-world business problems that were addressed using Cloud computing. By picking the business use-cases that most closely align with your situation, or by analyzing the key requirements of others that have adopted Cloud, you can build a stronger case that justifies the need for using Cloud in your organization.

Making the Case for Cloud

An essential aspect of any successful business case is the testimonials of others. Making the case for Cloud is no different. You need to be able to communicate proven instances where companies have experienced simplified business processes, solution delivery with expedience, and greener information technology (IT) while at the same time realizing faster, positive impacts on the bottom line. In essence the enclosed business use-cases will prepare you to answer the following question (in business terms): “What are some key business problems that are influencing companies to use the Cloud and why?”.

Furthering the justification, you need to be able to skillfully interpret business requirements (or pains) and translate them into the appropriate business recommendations. These recommendations will likely include the adoption of leading business technologies such as Cloud, but quite frankly the business users generally are not interested in the solution delivery details. They want to know that you understand their situation well enough to be able to fix the problem. In this paper we provide detailed business requirements to help you through this process.

A final point in making the case for Cloud is to be able to balance innovation and risks in order to address business complexities. In fact, part of the risk mitigation process is to assess the business value and impacts of Cloud in terms of costs, processes, people, and technology. Enclosed you will find cases where organizations have experienced innovation and faster yields (e.g., product to market) by using Cloud.

As you read on you will also find the commencement of a platform for studying business complexities and what companies are doing to remain competitive.

Navigating this White Paper

Finding the Use-Case that Fits your Situation

To find common problems that were addressed using Cloud computing, you can navigate in many ways:

  • Search by Industry; for example, Financial Services
  • Search by Category – we include the taxonomy or high-level grouping of the business cases; an example category is Cross-Industry
  • Search by Problem Type – a specific type of business problem that was addressed using Cloud; an example problem type is Rapid Deployment

The Analysis

This paper provides a top-down view of business situations and analysis of where Cloud has been applied to optimize business performance – including costs. The business impact and value analysis sections discuss the risks and the business value of the use-cases as well as the risks introduced by using Cloud.

The Conclusion

The conclusion contains information on Cloud business influencers and trends, key findings, and recommendations. You will also find that throughout this paper we provide insights into business complexities that companies are facing and where Cloud is being considered to help address these challenges.




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