Cloud Buyers' Decision Tree : Introduction


This White Paper describes a Decision Tree that could be used to help you discover where Cloud opportunities and solutions might fit in your organization. It is put forward for discussion, with the intention that this discussion, and validation in the field, will result in a practical tool for use by enterprises.

Your business situation is either a problem or an opportunity for which you are seeking a solution that includes IT enablement. This Tree presupposes that the current and/or future state of the IT resources for your business situation does and/or will not meet requirements.

If you are a Cloud seller, then use this Decision Tree in reverse to determine for which business situations your proposed offering would be a good fit.

Because there are likely to be exceptions to the principles on which this tool is based, it should not be used as the sole source of guidance on Cloud fit. And because this tool only considers a granular set of business requirements at a particular point in time, several iterations for each of numerous business situations would be required to generate appropriate input to a corporate-level Cloud adoption strategy.

Depending on your objectives, respond either on the basis of your as-is or to-be state. Start with the first decision node – 1. Is Your Business Situation Vertical? – and then navigate through the other decision nodes as instructed based on your yes/no decisions. Or, if you are a Cloud seller, identify the paths which end in fit recommendations which are compatible with your offering, and follow those paths up to gain an understating of the associated business situations.





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