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Pricing and Ordering Information


Instructions for Licensing COMsource

To order The Open Group's COMsource technology, please download and review the following documents.

After you have reviewed the above documents:

  • Complete and sign the Software Licensing Kit indicating which licensing rights you are exercising
  • Return the original, signed Software Licensing kit with the appropriate payment (or purchase order) to our Reading (UK) or San Francisco, CA (USA) office.

If you are purchasing a COMsource Source Code License with Full Distribution Rights, you will need to complete a COMsource Statement of Interoperability prior to distributing any product which is a derivative work of COMsource. You may view the Statement of Interoperability questions and COMsource Interoperability Requirements now. Instructions for the actual form and submission information will be provided with your order.

Please contact our license administrator for assistance in completing the licensing procedure, or telephone the above offices.

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