ArchiMate® 2.0 Certification

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ArchiMate® 2.0 Certification


A two-day training course provided by Enterprise Architects. Registration is separate from that for the main conference.  Follow this link for fees, registration and inquiries.

Enterprise Architects’ intensive, hands-on, two-day ArchiMate® 2.0 training course covers the following major topics:

  • Overview of ArchiMate®
  • ArchiMate® Business Layer Concepts
  • ArchiMate® Application Layer Concepts
  • ArchiMate® Technology Layer Concepts
  • ArchiMate® Motivation Extension Concepts
  • ArchiMate® Implementation and Migration Concepts
  • Relationships Between Business Layer Concepts and Application Layer Concepts
  • Relationships Between Application Layer Concepts and Technology Layer Concepts
  • ArchiMate® Structural Relationships
  • ArchiMate® Dynamic Relationships
  • Grouping, Junction and Specialisation Relationships
  • Motivation Relationships
  • Derived Relationships
  • Views, Viewpoints and Stakeholders
  • ArchiMate® Viewpoints (including Motivation, Implementation, Migration Extensions)
  • Language Extension Mechanisms
  • Tool Support for ArchiMate®#
  • Relationships Between ArchiMate® and TOGAF® Meta Models
  • ArchiMate® and the TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM)
  • Relationships Between ArchiMate® and UML, BPMN
  • The ArchiMate® Certification Program





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