A Reference Architecture For the Business of IT

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Charles Betz, Chief Architect, Signature Client Group, AT&T; and Karel van Zeeland, Lead IT4IT Architect, Shell IT International

A Reference Architecture for the Business of IT

Charles Betz, Chief Architect, Signature Client Group, AT&T;
Karel van Zeeland, Lead IT4IT Architect, Shell IT International

There are many IT standards and frameworks. But a major gap remains: there has been no development of a complete IT reference architecture under open governance. Consultancies and analyst firms have proprietary material, and some authors have explored the concept. But unlike other industry verticals and functions, there has been no broadly accepted end to end architectural representation of the full span of activities across the IT value chain. Retail has the ARTS model; telecommunications has eTOM; banking now has BIAN; and similar efforts can be found in other industry sectors. But the guidance for IT has been fragmented, or domain-specific, or primarily narrative – not expressed with the full architectural rigor of a multi-view reference model.

This will be the first formal Open Group presentation of the work of the IT4IT Consortium, which has been working over the past two years on just such a model. HP, Shell, Munich Re, Achmea, Price Waterhouse-Coopers, ING, Accenture and AT&T have come together to develop a framework specifically targeted to architects who find themselves supporting IT management, IT service management, Agile development, DevOps, and similar concerns. Based on a value stream model, capability architecture, ontology, and systems architecture, the framework provides a comprehensive architectural view of IT management. As a planned Forum of the Open Group, IT4IT will provide authoritative standard guidance for all those seeking to improve their IT capabilities in a world of accelerating technological change.

Charles Betz is a Chief Architect with the Signature Client Group of AT&T. He is an enterprise architect, author, researcher, and analyst in the field of IT management and data and information management, with experience at Wells Fargo, Accenture, Target, and Best Buy. Charlie is a Strategy Board member of the IT4IT Consortium, a group seeking to develop a reference model for the "business of IT."

He has 20 years of experience across all aspects of enterprise IT practice, including a position as Research Director for IT Portfolio Management at Enterprise Management Associates and 6 years at Wells Fargo as Senior Enterprise Architect and VP for IT Portfolio Management and Systems Management. He has also held architect and application manager positions for Best Buy, Target, and Accenture, specializing in IT management systems, ERP, enterprise application integration, data architecture, and configuration management.

He is the author of the 2nd edition of Architecture and Patterns for IT: Service Management, Resource Planning, and Governance (Making Shoes for the Cobbler's Children), in which he used Lean principles extensively to examine IT management as a system. He is a contributing author to Steve Bell’s Run Grow Transform: Integrating Business and Lean IT, and co-author of two recent COBIT 5 publications,Configuration Management Using COBIT 5 and Enabling Information.

Karel van Zeeland
is the lead architect in Shell IT for the IT4IT portfolio of solutions that is used to support managing the business of IT. He has worked for Shell since 1989 in a variety of areas ranging from local and wide area network engineering, email systems, project management, software development and IT systems- and service management, both as a professional and as a line manager. Prior to joining Shell, Karel worked for the Leiden State University for 10 years, initially in biochemical research and later as a product researcher in the university’s computer facility. He is one of the founding members of the IT4IT Consortium that brings together software vendors, system integrators, enterprise IT organizations and the academia in an attempt to establish a new open standard for managing IT. Karel works and lives in the Netherlands, is married and has three grown up children. His leisure time is spent reading, listening to classical music and long distance walking.



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