Common Criteria Workshop Background and Description

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The Common Criteria Forum (aka CC-Forum or just CCF) is an independent organization of individuals with an interest in the Common Criteria. Membership includes those who are associated with

  • Vendors
  • Customers
  • Evaluators
  • Schemes
  • Consultants
  • Academia
  • Research.

Interests range over the application of today’s Common Criteria, to improved application in the future, to development of tomorrow’s Common Criteria. There are no restrictions on membership in the CC-Forum. The members share a desire to follow the activities of, participate in, and contribute to the community that surrounds the unique endeavor that is the Common Criteria, and to contribute to the impact it can have for information security worldwide. The CC-Forum members communicate by way of a Google Group at:

The 1st Workshop of the CC-Forum  will provide a rich opportunity for those who share a vital interest in the Common Criteria to work with like-minded people towards common goals. A recent survey of the CC-Forum membership is helping to identify the work areas to which the members want to contribute.

Work groups within the CC-Forum will be formed and objectives established for these areas even before the Workshop, setting the stage for the face-to-face opportunity provided by the Workshop.

The Workshop will include:

  • Keynote talks by distinguished speakers from the Common Criteria security community
  • Invited essays
  • Panel discussions to explore the viewpoints of representatives of the community
  • Plenary and parallel work group sessions to provide an opportunity for focused and constructive face-to-face collaborative efforts.

While the topics of some of these sessions have been determined by the results from our recent survey, there is an opportunity for interested persons to propose to lead additional work sessions.