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Using The Open Group's Conformance Statement Library

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The Open Group Conformance Statement Library allows you list and display The Open Group Conformance Statements.



Getting Started

Use the selection screen to select the Product Standard or Vendor that you want to search for.

For example, if you want search through all vendors with registered products to see who has products registered against the Common Desktop Environment Product Standard, you would select that Product Standard from the first list and hit select.

Displaying a CSQ

Whether you generate a short or long list, you will see three icons for each matching Conformance Statement. Clicking on these icons will display the Conformance Statement, with different amounts of detail.

Shows just the Conformance Statement questions and the vendor's answers.
Shows the Conformance Statement questions, the vendor's answers, and the rationale for the question.
Shows the Conformance Statement questions, the vendor's answers, and the rationale and specification reference for each question.

When a Conformance Statement is displayed, the questions, rationale and specification reference, if present, are shown in blue. The vendor's answers are shown in green.

For a Conformance Statement describing a Product Standard that references other Product Standards, links are provided to the Conformance Statements for the other Product Standards against which the product is registered.

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