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Hewlett-Packard Company Conformance Statement

Product Standard: UNIX 95

Organization Compaq Computer Corporation
Author Bonnie Talerico

1. UNIX 95

Product Information

Product IdentificationVersion/Release NumberProduct Supplier
1. Tru64 UNIX Version 5.0 or later Compaq Computer Corporation 
2. COMPAQ C for Tru64 UNIX Version 6.1 Compaq Computer Corporation 

Environment Specification

Binary-compatible Family Configuration Instructions
All Compaq AlphaServer Systems and Alpha WorkStation Systems listed as supported in the Version 5 Software Product Descriptions.
The environment variable BIN_SH must be set to xpg4. The environment variable CMD_ENV must be set to xpg4.

Temporary Waivers


1.1 Components

Question 1: Internationalised System Calls and Libraries Extended

  Internationalised System Calls and Libraries Extended

Question 2: Commands and Utilities V2

  Commands and Utilities V2

This includes mandatory conformance to the X/Open UNIX Extension feature group (the cc and c89 command extensions).

Question 3: C Language

  C Language

Question 4: Transport Service (XTI)

  Transport Service (XTI)

Question 5: Sockets


Question 6: Internationalised Terminal Interfaces

  Internationalised Terminal Interfaces

Copyright © 1999 Compaq Computer Corporation
All rights reserved.

2. Change History


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