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IBM Corporation Conformance Statement

Product Standard: Internationalised Terminal Interfaces

Organization IBM Corporation
Author William L. Toth

1. Internationalised Terminal Interfaces

Product Information

Product IdentificationVersion/Release NumberProduct Supplier
1. AIX 5L for POWER V5.2(PID 5765-E62) Version 5, Release 2, Modification 0, dated 8-2004 or later with APARS: IY59610, IY60869, IY61405 International Business Machines 

Environment Specification

Testing Environment Binary-compatible Family Portability Environment Indicator of Compliance Compliance Details
IBM pSeries UNIX Systems
HARDWARE: Systems using PowerPC(tm) based processors with the CHRP system architecture and 8 or 128 port async cards. SOFTWARE: AIX 5L for POWER Version 5.2 dated 8-2004 or later with APARS: IY59610, IY60869, IY61405 and VAC
Internationalised System Calls and Libraries Extended None Test Suite: none
Test Report: none

Temporary Waivers


1.1 Product Scope

1.1.1 Type of Conformance

Question 1: What is the state of conformance of this product?


1.1.2 Coded Character Sets

Question 2: Which coded character sets are supported by the chtype data type?


1.1.3 Character Attributes

Question 3: Which character attributes are supported by the implementation?


1.2 Supported Terminals

Question 4: Which of the following terminal types are supported by the implementation (if any)?


1.3 Terminfo Source File Limits

Question 5: What limits does the implementation support for a terminfo source file?


CAE Specification, X/Open Curses, Issue 4, Section 6.1.1, Minimum Guaranteed Limits.

Copyright © 2004 International Business Machines Corporation
All rights reserved.

2. Change History

09-Sep-2004 William L. Toth Initial UNIX03 Submission on the 8-2004 AIX V5.2 release 

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