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The SCO Group, Inc. Conformance Statement

Product Standard: Network File System

Organization SCO
Author Nadeem Wahid

1. Network File System

Product Information

Product IdentificationVersion/Release NumberProduct Supplier
1. UnixWare 7.1.0 SCO 

Environment Specification

Testing Environment Binary-compatible Family Portability Environment Indicator of Compliance Compliance Details
Two Intel Pentium test machines connected via thin Ethernet. Standard installation procedures followed. Systems configured for XNFS behaviour rather than backward compatible behaviour.
UnixWare 7.1.0 and later running on Intel platforms.
Select from this list ,Internationalised System Calls and Libraries Extended Test Report from Test Suite Test Suite: VSX4.4.3+XNFS
Test Report: UW710_XNFS

Temporary Waivers


1.1 XNFS Service Model

1.1.1 XNFS Objects

Question 1: Which of the following ExportedFileSystem attributes have the recommended default values?


Question 2: Which of the following MountedFileSystem attributes have the recommended default values?


1.1.2 XNFS Server Administration Operations

Question 3: Which of the following optional administration operations are provided?


1.1.3 XNFS Client Administration Operations

Question 4: Which of the following optional administration operations are provided?


1.2 Optional Server Functionality

1.2.1 Permission Issues

Question 5: Does the server use AUTH_UNIX style authentication?


Question 6: Does the server allow the owner of a file to access it regardless of its permissions?


Question 7: Does the server provide a mechanism to change the mapping of user id 0?


1.2.2 Server Procedures

Question 8: Does your server support symbolic links?


1.2.3 File Locking over XNFS

Question 9: Which of the following levels of file and/or record locking does your system provide, in an XFNS environment?


Question 10: Are locks created by DOS processes honoured by processes running on an X/Open host and vice versa?


1.2.4 Network Lock Manager

Question 11: What is the duration of the grace period after an XNFS server crash on your system?


Question 12: What are the names of the enumeration constants in nlm_stats?


2. Appendix

This appendix contains additional, explanatory material that was provided by the vendor.

Copyright © The Santa Cruz Operation, 1998
All rights reserved.

3. Change History

09-Dec-1998 Joanna Farley (SCO) First Version 

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