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The SCO Group, Inc. Conformance Statement

Product Standard: Internationalised Terminal Interfaces

Organization Caldera International d/b/a The SCO Group
Author David F. Prosser

1. Internationalised Terminal Interfaces

Product Information

Product IdentificationVersion/Release NumberProduct Supplier
1. UnixWare 7.1.3 SCO 

Environment Specification

Testing Environment Binary-compatible Family Portability Environment Indicator of Compliance Compliance Details
Pentium III (xeon) dual cpu with 512M Ram. Standard installation procedures were followed.
Intel Family
Select from this list Select from this list Test Suite: n/a
Test Report: n/a

Temporary Waivers


1.1 Product Scope

1.1.1 Type of Conformance

Question 1: What is the state of conformance of this product?



1.1.2 Coded Character Sets

Question 2: Which coded character sets are supported by the chtype data type?



1.1.3 Character Attributes

Question 3: Which character attributes are supported by the implementation?



1.2 Supported Terminals

Question 4: Which of the following terminal types are supported by the implementation (if any)?



1.3 Terminfo Source File Limits

Question 5: What limits does the implementation support for a terminfo source file?



CAE Specification, X/Open Curses, Issue 4, Section 6.1.1, Minimum Guaranteed Limits.

Copyright © 2003 Caldera International d/b/a The SCO Group
All rights reserved.

2. Change History

23-Apr-2003 Susan Stanziano Corrected 2 issues for UW713 
14-Mar-2003 Susan Stanziano Updated for SCO UnixWare 7.1.3 

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