DCE: The Open Group Distributed Computing Environment
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It is our goal here to empower you with the information you need to make informed decisions about DCE. Millions of users worldwide confidently rely on DCE to help them make the most of their computing investments.

In this section of the DCE web site we provide two classes of information.

How to Order DCE from The Open Group

Free DCE Software - including documentation, from The Open Group and numerous third-party contributors

DCE Documentation - pointers to technically-oriented DCE documentation maintained by us as well as other sites

Third Party DCE Information and Articles

OSF Character and Codeset Registry - The latest version of the OSF Character and Codeset Registry is 1.2g and was released June 14, 1999. The registry is available from ftp.opengroup.org/pub/code_set_registry. The description of the codeset registry is contained in RFC40.