DCE: The Open Group Distributed Computing Environment
Pricing and Ordering Information

The Open Group licenses DCE source code technology primarily to hardware and software vendors. These vendors then create fully-supported DCE products for open systems customers. The common source code base provided by The Open Group simplifies the task of creating compatible products from different suppliers and reduces development costs for DCE vendors. If you are looking to purchase executable copies of DCE for yourself or your organization, please contact a DCE product vendor.

Features & Pricing

Instructions for Licensing DCE

To order The Open Group's DCE technology, please download and review the following documents:

After you have reviewed the above documents:

Please contact our license administrator for assistance in completing the licensing procedure, or telephone the above offices.

Free DCE 1.2.2 Source Code

You may be eligible to license and download the DCE 1.2.2 source code at no charge. Follow this link to determine if you're eligible and to begin the download process.

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