DCE 1.1 New Features

General Availability: November 1994

OSF's Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) is a comprehensive set of services that support the development, use and maintenance of distributed applications. DCE allows diverse systems to work together cooperatively and masks the technical complexities of the network. Because DCE is independent of the operating system and network, it is compatible with many diverse environments currently in place by users.

There have been three updates to DCE 1.0 since it was announced in 1991. Due for release in November 1994, DCE 1.1 offers major enhancements to DCE 1.0.x concentrating on the important areas of administration, security, and internationalization, as well as many performance improvements.

System vendors have either announced or are currently shipping DCE on all major computer platforms, including Unix, MVS, Windows, Windows NT, MacOS, VMS, and OS/2. DCE 1.1 will help developers in building DCE applications, and users in administering and working with applications, resulting in accelerated adoption of DCE-based technologies.

Improved Administration Functions

Improved Security


Performance Enhancements

Other New Features

Reference Platforms

OSF provides support for the following reference platforms: HP 700 running HP-UX 9.0, RS6000 running AIX 3.2.4, PC486 running OSF/1 1.2, and support for the MX300 running SINIX (SVR4-based platform).

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