DCE: The Open Group Distributed Computing Environment
Free DCE Software Contributed by the DCE Community

Note: We are very interested in collecting links to other freely available DCE sources. Add a reference to your DCE source here by sending us mail.

We know of the following DCE contributions:

DCE/DFS software developed at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Various packages developed by the Intranet Project at Cal Poly Pomona. This includes: mod_auth_dce, an Apache module that provides DCE authentication and secure serving of DFS; nss_dce, which allows Solaris to use DCE as a native naming service; aclmod, a command line utility to modify DFS ACLs, including wildcard/recursion support; DFS-Perl, a perl module interface to the DFS API; Patches to add DCE support to various applications, such as Netatalk, QPopper, and wu-ftpd. Please contact Paul Henson with any questions regarding these packages.
Sample program using DCE, Motif, and Threads
A sample program showing how to write code that uses all three facilities. Might need some porting if you're not using Transarc DCE on Solaris 5.
DCE/DFS Resources Web Page
David Lemson's list of resources.
A set of DCE end-user and administrative tools
Provided by NASA Langley Research Center. These tools better integrate DCE into the traditional UNIX environment. End-user tools include software such as a GUI ACL editor, DCE password changing program, and a credential-passing rsh. Administrative tools include a Perl5 interface for the DCE API and a passwd_export utility using the Perl5 interface.
Several books on DCE
Provided by O'Reilly and Associates, several books on DCE. The sources contained in some of these books are available on line.
DCE and Encina object class libaries
Provided by Citibank. These libraries are unsupported and have had no active development in a couple of years, but you might find them useful.
A DCE/Solaris (V2.4) threads layer
Provided by Steve Osselton. This threads package maps DCE threads calls into Solaris thread calls. It includes a thread-safe malloc, a header file and supporting C file. The software is written in C++ but can be modified. The code has been used to implement DCE RPC.
DCE RPC for Linux
A CITI DCESuitcase
Provided by University of Michigan CITI. This is an anonymous FTP area with a number of shell scripts and a few binaries to help manage DCE cells. The scripts were written for the IBM RS/6000 running AIX and are completely unsupported. See the README.FTP file for a brief description of each script.
Some sample PC-DCE code
Provided by Gradient Technologies.
A collection of programs and documentation.
Provided by Transarc. See the README file for an outline of what is available.
dcecp scripts to help hierarchical cell registrations.
Written by Rich Salz.
Sources from the book, OSF DCE: A Guide to Developing Distributed Applications
By Harold Lockhart, The sources are copyright 1993 Harold W. Lockhart and Frederic M. Oldfield. Hal has also made a copy of his DCE Recipes presentation available.
Performance measurement software and other links
Provided by the Pilgrim Project of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.