DCE: The Open Group Distributed Computing Environment

The DCE-Web project is one of several Open Group Research Institute programs to create advanced technology for enterprise webs. With improved technologies, we believe that the Web can be a practical tool for enterprise computing. Our research has helped to:

In the DCE-Web project, we are applying the technologies of DCE to enhance the Web, particularly in the area of security.

Available Software and Documentation

The results of the DCE-Web project are now freely available for noncommercial use. Reference documentation accompanies the DCE-Web source. Before using this software you must read the Copyright notice and agree to the terms under which this software is made available.

We are making the following software publicly available, for academic, research and evaluation purposes only: WanD (Web and DCE) and SLP (Security Local Proxy). This software is provided "AS IS" without express or implied warranty. Until we have resolved outstanding export-control issues, the SDG (Security Domain Gateway) is not available.

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DCE-Web Version 1.0.1 of WanD and SLP:

Patches for WanD:

Version 1.0.1 of the MAP extensions to DCE-Web: