DFS at the Winter Games In Nagano, Japan


IBM Software:  DFS (TM), distributed file system, from Transarc a wholly owned
subsidiary of IBM e-business Benefit: Provides scalability, reliability, and security
to Web content hosting systems used in Internet, Intranet, and Extranet applications.
Olympic Application: NAOC Olympic Web Site, Results System, Info '98 Other Business
Applications: Internet Service Providers (ISP's), Banking and Securities Trading,
Manufacturing, Engineering,  Government, and Research. Platform Availability: The
DFS Client is available on OS/2, Windows, Macintosh, Netware, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, and
OS/390. The DFS Server is available on Windows NT, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, and OS/390.

Web Content Scalability, Reliability, and Security

DFS helps the 1998 Olympics Games become a Web-enabled scalable global
enterprise, offering 24 X7 Web content availability, delivered with high
performance and reliability.

For the NAOC Olympic Web Site, DFS stores the content pages consisting of graphics,
text and "SnowEye" images. DFS' ability to scale and provide high performance, even
as web request volumes increase, will allow it to handle the anticipated 20
million hits per day.

For the Results System and the Info 98 Intranet, DFS is being used to hold Net.Data
updates and propogate them between DB2 servers. DFS is the transfer mechanism
to maintain synchronicity between multipple DB images scattered across the globe.
For Info 98 and the NAOC Olympic Web Site, DFS

IBM's Trigger Manager governs cached data to reduce the load on Domino Servers.
For Info 98 and the NAOC Olympic Web Site, DFS is being used as the Trigger Manager's
persistant store for processing and distributing Triggers.

DFS is also being used to support the FanMail system to store all of the
email messages being sent between worldwide fans and their favorite athlete and teams.

For all uses with the Olympics Games, the file replication feature of DFS supports high
availability of the content stored and is used for failure recovery purposes.

DFS can provide you with the underlying web content hosting system that
delivers Web pages with "Olympic" performance such as at the Nagano Winter
Games, whether you are:


To find out how DFS can transform your Web Site Application into a scalable,
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