DCE: The Open Group Distributed Computing Environment
DCE Technology

The range of technologies included in DCE is large and growing.  DCE's focus is on finding appropriate solutions to the problems of distributed enterprise computing, then fitting them together in ways that work well.  DCE's contribution to these "found" technologies includes operational and administrative consistency, replication for throughput and availability, and a single, consistent model of security that includes authentication, authorization, and accountability.  DCE adopters have available to them a wide variety of open technologies, made suitable for use in the most sophisticated, mission critical environments. 

Security Technology

Kerberos and DCE ACL's

Public Key Certificate Login


Object and Component Technology

Corba Interoperability


DCE Distributed Objects

Internet/Intranet Technology

DCE Internet - Intranet

DCE-Web project

Directory Technology

LDAP - DCE Registry Integration

Global Directory Agent integration with LDAP &   Integration of the LDAP client into the RPC NSI