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The following is a partial list of resources who provide Training and/or Consulting Services for DCE. This resource listing is provided as a service by The Open Group to aid to the DCE Community. Inclusion on this page does not constitute an endorsement from The Open Group. If you are a provider of DCE Training and/or Consulting services and would like to be included here, please contact us.

Bussan Systems Integration Co., Ltd.
1-32-2 Honcho,
Tokyo, 164-0012,  Japan
Phone: +81-3-5354-1674
Email: transarc@bsi.co.jp
URL: www.bsi.co.jp

Bussan Systems Integration has a long history of successful experiences consulting customers on DCE, Encina, DFS, DE-Light and also Gradient PC-DCE. They also provide services on Training and Customer Support.

Curriculum Corporation
P.O. Box 116
Kings Mills
OH 45034-0116, USA
Phone: USA 513-583-1382
E-mail: info@curriculum.com
URL: http://www.curriculum.com

Curriculum Corporation has provided DCE/DFS consulting and education services for more than ten years. They also offer a layered DCE/DFS technical support service.

Entegrity Solutions
Entegrity Solutions
410 Amherst Street, Suite 150
Nashua, NH 03063
Phone: +1-603-882-1306
Fax: +1-603-882-6092
Toll Free (US): 1-800- 525-434
E-mail: DCESales@entegrity.com
URL: http://www2.entegrity.com/services/index.shtml

Entegrity Solutions provides scheduled classroom training for DCE and DFS administrators and programmers at east coast (Boston) and west coast (San Jose) centers. Scheduled classes are also available in Europe and Asia. Onsite training or training in the UK can also be arranged. Contact Entegrity DCE Sales (above).Entegrity also offers Professional Services for development and migration (for example, from AIX to Linux). Consisting of DCE, middleware, Linux and hardware gurus, their Entegrity DCE and DFS Professional Services brings decades of distributed computing experience to the project at hand.

Finally Software
Technology House,
3 Matching Lane,
Bishop's Stortford, Herts, CM23 2PP, UK
hone: +44 1279-654604
Fax: +44 1279-755247
Email: sales@finallysoftware.com
URL: www.finallysoftware.com

Finally Software offers DCE training courses worldwide. A full list of courses is available on their web site at http://www.finallysoftware.com/finally/training.htm.

Focal Point Software, Inc.
3701 Kirby Drive, Suite 512
Houston, Texas 77098, USA
Phone: +1 713-215-1600
Email: consulting@focalpoint.com
URL: www.focalpoint.com

Focal Point Software, Inc. is a mature company experienced in middleware management. Focal Point Software has been active in the middleware markets since 1994. They are a software development and consulting firm specializing in the creation of on-line transaction processing and distributed systems management solutions. Their software for monitoring Tuxedo, DCE and Encina has been sold worldwide by BMC Software since 1996 and their services and products are now available directly from Focal Point Software. They offer installation, customization, and consulting services in these middleware products.

IBM Corporation
IBM AIM Services
Phone: +1 412-667-3600 OR +1 800-426-8322
Email: AIM_Services@us.ibm.com
URL: www.ibm.com OR www.transarc.com

IBM offers a regular schedule of public courses in DCE administration, programming, and troubleshooting. In addition, the AIM Services organization, part of the IBM Software Group, can provide customized courses and consulting to fit specific customer needs. Specifically, AIM Services offers architectural and administrative consulting for distributed computing, particularly DCE and DFS. Such consulting includes cell architecture and design, DCE/DFS jumpstarts, troubleshooting, cell reviews, performance tuning and application readiness assessments.

DCE Consulting and Training
Four Longfellow Place, Suite 3802
Boston, MA 02114-2835 USA
Phone: +1 617-742-2777
Email: info@iaps.com
URL: www.iaps.com

IAPS has been involved with Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) training prior to the release of version 1.0. Our staff worked closely with DCE's developers at the Open Software Foundation and its technology contributors to create and license OSF's DCE Internals courses, and maintained other courseware under contract to OSF. We have trained thousands of software engineers and technical mangers worldwide on all facets of DCE including features and function, programming and systems development, cell design, administration, and internals.

Treepax Ltd.
Phone: +44 191 516 6355
Fax: +44 191 516 6354
Email: training@treepax.co.uk
URL: www.treepax.co.uk

Treepax develops and delivers training courses in niche areas. One of their major interests is the delivery of courses in the broad area of distributed computing with a special focus on DCE/DFS. Treepax has been delivering courses in DCE/DFS throughout Europe and the USA for many years and has a wide range of courses available. All course descriptions are available on their web site. They run publicly scheduled courses in the UK and on site courses anywhere in the world.


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